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  • Wedding Videographer Love Gets Sweeter – Why Have a Professional Videographer and a Sweet Competition

    We are really spoiling you on the blog this week with not one but two fabulous competitions. Today we have advice on why you should consider a professional videographer at your wedding, from talented North West film maker Love Gets Sweeter.Not only is Charlene imparting her invaluable words of wisdom but she is also offering 3 lucky blog readers an exclusive offer. 3 lucky readers, will receive £200 off the “Sweeter” package and a free Bluray upgrade.

    All you have to do is like the facebook page of both Love Gets Sweeter & Love Me Love My Wedding (click here for Love Gets Sweeter we’ve made it easy for you) and then leave a comment either on the blog or our facebook page about what your favourite romantic film moment is and why, along with your wedding date and venue, and we will choose our favourite on 8 March 2013.

    Sarah and Derek’s Highlights from Love Gets Sweeter on Vimeo.

     Don’t be shy-I really want to hear your entries and maybe we can all watch those romantic films curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a large glass of something alcoholic this weekend. I’ll kick this off shall I? Mine is actually a teen film called Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging.  Choosing between the blond, Miss Popular and mad accident prone Georgia, Georgia asks Robbie, “Do you think I’m perfect?” Robbie replies, You’re mad, a perfect nutter. You’re perfect for me.” Result for all us imperfect, slightly mad girls out there.


    So get your thinking caps on whilst I hand over the blog reins to Love gets Sweeter for the day-let’s talk films……

    A lot of couples now realise how amazing a wedding film can be and hiring a professional wedding videographer/ film-maker isn’t always the last minute panic it used to be.


    Davina and Daves Highlights from Love Gets Sweeter on Vimeo.

    I completely get the concerns some couples have as even I had to try every trick in the book to get my husband to agree to have our wedding day filmed! He had visions of him staring in his own ITV2 documentary, ‘Peter Andre’ style, and having cameras following his every move. I hear that some companies still take that approach but it’s not the way I wanted to work.

    Even though I have spent years behind the camera editing and assisting on TV dramas and films I am not a fan of being in front of it. But I just love watching back over old home movies so knew I needed the day capturing in some way. Thankfully after the wedding, when I showed off the films to my new husband, he also agreed it was the best idea we ever had.

    Here are the common concerns/comments lots of couples have when considering a videographer.

    Can’t I just get my Uncle/Brother/Friend to film it?

    Family filming the day is something that’s proved quite common in the past. With the budget spiralling and panic setting in that you’ll have regrets not having it filmed you turn to an enthusiastic family member with a camcorder. Professional videographers have camera kits that make sure your day looks AND  sound great, two things that a handheld camcorder on ‘Auto’ just can’t deliver. I’ve heard some horror stories just this year alone, including a running commentary of the day over the actual speeches so they couldn’t be heard clearly and a tape running out mid ceremony but no one was paying attention to the camera so didn’t realise! It’s a lot of pressure for family member to film your day. My sister in law is getting married soon and although I’ll be doing all the pre production and editing I will be paying someone I trust, who’s not part of the guest list, to film the day so I can enjoy it properly (OK, maybe I’ll be checking up on the camera guys every now and then but I will try to relax…a bit).

    Lauren and Pat’s Wedding Highlights from Love Gets Sweeter on Vimeo.

    I have heard stories about photographers and videographers not getting along on the day…?

    I have heard horror stories too! I honestly couldn’t believe that would be the case but most have come from actual experiences from photographers that I have worked with! Every wedding I film I make extra effort to introduce myself to the wedding photographer beforehand, if I haven’t had the pleasure of working with them before, and explain how I like to work before the day. A lot of videographers like to direct their shoot and arrange poses etc but as I work in more of a documentary style I’ve found it works well on the day if I take a step back. I like to capture the day as it unfolds and even capture you all interacting with the photographer. After all, they’re a huge part of your day too!

    The best thing to do when considering your wedding ‘dream team’ is to see if your photographer has any recommendations for a videographer, maybe even ask family and friends who have been married. Don’t feel like you have to go with recommendations every time though, there are so many different styles and price ranges that it’s  sometimes  nice to find the style you love and not just go for the safest option. Blogs and Industry sites can also be a good source of inspiration. The Wedding Industry Awards has shortlisted wedding suppliers that have made it there thanks to high ratings from their own couples. So it’s not based on the amount of votes but the quality of real votes and I find that really important!

    It seems a lot of money for only 4 minutes..?

    In my experience I have found the shorter the film the more thought the videographer has put in to the edit. What I mean by this is that someone has really thought about the story they want to tell in this film, not only the story of the wedding day but also the couple. The film should take you right back and give your goosebumps, not make you want to fast forward to the good bits! It’s easy to get caught up thinking that you’re getting better value for money with an hour long film of your day but even though I have all the raw footage of my day (in tape form, eek) I haven’t even glimpsed at them in the dusty box as my film brings every amazing moment back for me in just 6 minutes. I love it! We have a 20 minute ‘Feature Film’ too but that’s saved for anniversaries when we have the time to sit down and enjoy it.

    I found someone who’s just starting out and wants to film it for free…

    Everyone has to start somewhere but experience is necessary! As well as 10 years in film and TV post production I had just celebrated my big day too-the best experience anyone can have to go on and film another wedding!

    I know a wedding film isn’t in everyone’s budget so this is an option, albeit a risky one! As long as they have the experience (in terms of filming events and not just home movies), insurance and professional equipment then that means they want to capture it professionally. It’s more important that you feel comfortable with them and you both understand what you will be getting at the end of it. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my first wedding couple, Emma and Daniel, taking a gamble with me. I’m still in touch with them all on Facebook and they all love keeping up to date with everything I’m up to and enjoy watching all my new wedding films!

    Isn’t every videographer basically the same?

    No! as well as quality and style differences, packages can vary enormously. Once you’ve got a shortlist, or even your number one choice, make sure you understand what you are getting and if there are any extras that can be added on. Some companies charge extra for starting earlier/ leaving later or even having a second camera, so make sure you check this. I always recommend two cameras as you can capture your ceremony and speeches from two angles as well as having parts of the day captured that you didn’t see, as the videographers can be in two places at once!

     A few final pointers and a recap

    1. Just like your photographer, make sure you feel comfortable with your videographer as they will be with you all day! If you feel good around them then it’ll be a breeze feeling relaxed in front of the camera!
    2. Sign a contract. I learnt my lesson with my award winning photographer who failed to deliver his promises. A contract is for both parties and is more of an agreement and safety net for you both.
    3. Don’t be afraid to do your own research. Recommendations are always amazing but if you aren’t excited by them look for reviews and testimonials for companies you do love.
    4. Think twice about having a friend film it. Weddings are high pressure to film and experience and professional equipment helps videographers capture everything and capture it well.
    5. Make sure you know what you are getting, on the day and your final DVD. Get the whole day filmed and then you have the flexibility of adding things on after the day, it’s only really once the excitement has died down that you know what you’d love to relive again. Every company seems to offer something different so have a think about what you want.

    I love my work and I love creating unique wedding films for each couple that books me. I get just as excited about their day as I did my own! It’s not just about filming the day and putting a film together, I pride myself in my customer care. I’m on hand throughout the planning process if anyone needs any advice or recommendations for suppliers. I can stand back and observe when I need to but on the day I can be found pinning on button holes and helping dress the bride as her poor Mum’s hands are shaking too much. When couples book Love Gets Sweeter they are booking the whole experience, before, during and after the wedding, as well as the amazing films they know they’ll get at the end of it.

    Well we’ve certainly given you plenty to keep you busy today. Lots of gorgeous wedding loveliness, 3 Love Gets Sweeter films, fab advice and a competition. Don’t forget to enter. You’ve got to be in it to win it! Bye for now, Jenny.

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