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    Best of Brighton: Why the Seaside City Is Wedding Perfect

    If you are considering a destination wedding and distance is no object, then you may wish to consider the very fabulous Brighton. No, not Brighton, England, although a wedding there would also be fab, but Brighton in Melbourne.

    Now I didn’t even know such a place existed but now that I do I desperately want to go and I can imagine that holding your wedding there would be spectacular.

    So here’s a little information about choosing Brighton, Melbourne as your destination wedding location….

    Best of Brighton: Why the Seaside City Is Wedding Perfect

    When you’re considering where you want to wed, while you want to choose a place you love. You also want your location to be appealing to the guests who’ll share your day with you. This means it is worth considering the last few weddings you attended.

    Weren’t they more fun when the actual location was vibrant and there were other things to do? Even if you live within driving distance of the wedding location, who doesn’t want to go somewhere where you can have a good time, beyond the event?

    If you’ve chosen Melbourne, and specifically the Melbourne beaches, you are likely to opt for one of the most popular and colourful beaches, Brighton. The beachside suburb is, unsurprisingly, named after England’s legendary Brighton. Brighton is one of the top wedding venues in Melbourne.


    Brighton is ideal for a couple who want to marry, as well as for their guests. It was founded in the mid-1800s by English settlers. The most notable tourist attraction in Brighton are the 82 super colourful bathing boxes which first appeared in 1986, at the end of Bay St, at the water’s edge. Today, the bathing boxes are located just south of Middle Brighton on Dendy Street Beach. Many were constructed between 1908 and 1911 because a tram line was installed to Brighton from St. Kilda in 1906. As many as 200 are thought to have been built before the Great Depression. The boxes were moved to another location, and finally, 1934, to the current location further back on the beach.


    The iconic boxes are identical in size and build and regulated by an organization called Bayside City Council’s Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay. The boxes must retain Victorian era architecture, which means timber frames, weatherboard sidings, and corrugated iron roofs. They must not have any electricity or running water. Only residents may buy them, which they purchase for about the price of a house, and annual council rates of $500 AUD. In February 2016, the box located at 62B Dendy St sold for a record $295,000 AUD in only two weeks; the previous owners had it for more than 20 years, and it is reportedly one of the original boxes. In January, one sold for $285,000.


    A terrific venue to consider for your wedding is the astonishingly beautiful hotel – Brighton Savoy, which will meet most, if not all of your ceremony and reception needs. It is a great place your guests to sightsee and walk. In fact, some of Melbourne’s wealthiest live in magnificent and impressive homes – lovely neighbourhoods to peruse. Cyclists love Beach Road on the beach. Both walkers and cyclists frequent the Bay Trail for off-road walking/cycling tracks along the coastline.


    Also fun to visit are the “historic modern” Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Middle Brighton Municipal Baths, and the Middle Brighton Pier and breakwater.


    Churches and historic homes can also be found on North Road, and a popular restaurant has a great view of Port Phillip Bay.

    Even at night, the twinkle of the beautiful Melbourne city skyline is a sight to be seen.


    By choosing Melbourne, and the beautiful beach of Brighton you are ensuring your wedding will be memorable for you as a married couple and for your guests, too.

    Bringing Family and Friends Together for a Magical Destination Wedding

    It’s not just the celebrities that are heading off abroad for their weddings. More and more couples are choosing to go somewhere very special for their magical day. It’s much easier than it used to be. If a special destination wedding what you’re thinking about, then take a little time to look into your ideal venue for your nuptials.

    Plans for the UK

    The UK certainly has wonderful wedding venues. From beautiful country house hotels, to smart and chic city places. Now that the laws about licensing marriages has been changed, any number of exotic venues to tie the knot are also available.

    Bringing family and friends together for a magical destination wedding rookery hall bride groom for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    So how do you get your family and friends there? You want everyone to be together, so why not consider a rental bus? You may have seen these characterful vehicles, beautifully decorated, taking a group to a wedding. Organise a central point where people travelling from further afield can meet, preferably with a car park and near a train station. You can then bring everyone to your venue and give them a chance to chat and enjoy the company before the ceremony and the ensuing wedding breakfast.

    Bringing family and friends together for a magical destination wedding red bus for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Bringing family and friends together for a magical destination wedding laughing family for love me love my wedding

    Bringing Family and Friends Together for a Magical Destination Wedding

    Plans for abroad

    It’s a popular choice today to go abroad for a wedding. And it’s not as difficult to get yourselves there as well as your family and friends. After all, it’s a special occasion, so why not make the most of it?

    Bringing family and friends together for a magical destination wedding colourful destination wedding group image for love me love my wedding

    Imagine you want to go to many regard as the most romantic city in the world for your wedding, Paris, or one of the world’s friendliest countries for that special occasion, Ireland. Of course, you might choose a destination that’s much further afield. The Caribbean islands are popular, as is America (you could even choose Las Vegas!). Iff you really want to push the boat out, then Australia or New Zealand can be ideal destinations for your special day.

    The great thing about Paris and Ireland is that they are so close to the UK and have fantastic air and sea connections. For example, you can easily get tickets from Edinburgh to Paris, as well as from other UK destinations, and you can also book your flight to Ireland with no trouble.

    Bringing family and friends together for a magical destination wedding bride groom paris rain for love me love my wedding

    Image by Benjamin Di Caprio

    Think of Paris, the Eiffel Tower serving as a stunning backdrop as well as the exquisite buildings lining the banks of the Seine. Don’t forget the beautiful boutiques and department stores. Who can forget the amazing patisseries? Paris cuisine and hospitality will do you proud.

    Ireland,no matter where you go, will give you céad míle fáilte, a hundred thousand welcomes. You can head for the vibrant cities of Dublin, Cork and Belfast. Remember that Belfast is Northern Ireland, so it is officially a part of the UK. Or find a castle or country house in the wilds as your backdrop.

    Bringing family and friends together for a magical destination wedding bride goom dublin snow for love me love my wedding

    Friends and family don’t have to spend a fortune to get there. Arrange a limo to pick them up at the airport and give them a taste of luxury as they travel on.

    Weddings abroad are an event in themselves. Explore your options, choose your country and venue and enjoy this extra special occasion with your loved ones.

    Planning A Cruise Wedding – Marriage at Sea

    Some plan a destination wedding while others want to tie the knot in their own backyard.  Alternatively, you can get married upon the open sea, planning a cruise wedding.  Popular cruise lines offer numerous plans and accommodations.  Whether you intend an intimate ceremony that involves just the two of you or want to bring all your family and friends to celebrate.

    Planning A Cruise Wedding

    Just The Two of You

    Rather than spend on a huge wedding, economical and private couples plan small ceremonies.  If you desire a wedding that involves just the two of you, take note that special accommodations may be factored into the price of the cruise trip.  Don’t assume that because you’re getting married, the crew and agency will provide decor, cake, etc.  Conversely, just because it will be the two of you, it doesn’t mean you can’t splurge.  Some big-name cruise lines can provide the most extravagant of weddings; all you have to do is ask.

    planning a cruise wedding bride groom sunset deck for love me love my wedding

    Magical Day Weddings

    Sharing with Friends and Family

    Many want friends and family to witness the special moment. However, asking some to come along could put them in an awkward financial situation, especially those who need to budget for tickets as well as your wedding gift.  Some cruise lines allow you to have the ceremony before the ship takes off, so you get the best of both worlds. Friends can witness the ceremony but won’t have to budget for cruise tickets.  Conversely, if a number of friends and family members are coming along, be sure to inquire about group packages and large-party discounts.

    planning a cruise wedding bridal party deck for love me love my wedding

    Wedding at Sea

    A limited number of cruise lines will host the services onboard. Most accommodate those who have gotten married onshore and want to celebrate aboard the vessel.  If you like the idea of getting married at a special destination, peruse Cunard’s World Cruise programme or ask a travel agent about getting married at particular ports of call.  A number of lines gladly celebrate the nuptials but do not encourage the presence of actual ceremonies.

    planning a cruise wedding wedding breakfast deck for love me love my wedding


    Choose Your Island

    Perhaps you would like your cruise to be more of a honeymoon excursion.  Plan ahead by reviewing where particular cruise lines can take you.  Getting married on an exotic island is a dream of many.  In addition to surfing through individual cruise sites, ask a travel agent about destinations that are popular wedding destinations.  Learn about the best times of year to tie the knot along with discount options, weather patterns, etc.  Also, be sure to coordinate your wedding within an appropriate time frame to ensure you get your passports in order.

    planning a cruise wedding bridal party beach for love me love my wedding

    Reasons to Marry at Sea

    Aside from the obvious reasons people opt to go on a cruise to vacation, popular cruise lines sometimes hire wedding planners due to the popularity of wedding cruises.  Aside from the gorgeous view and the fresh sea air, you’ll have access to people who provide insight to hundreds of couples each year.

    While traditional weddings necessitate a whole host of vendors, you can cut corners while sacrificing little on a cruise wedding.  For example, rather than hire a professional photographer who seeks beautiful backdrops for photos, you’ll have incredible views behind you. So rather than hire a professional, ask an experienced friend to take photos of you and spouse by the bow at sunset, dancing on the main deck, etc.

    planning a cruise wedding bridal party beach for love me love my wedding

    Root Weddings

    Michael Wilson is the Managing Director of Bolsover Cruise Club, a company his parents began in the late 1960’s, although it was originally known as Bolsover Travel. Michael is passionate about the business, taking interest in all aspects of it. Outside of his work, Michael likes holidays with his family, watching rugby and gardening.

    Aruba Destination Wedding – Sunset Ceremony and a Wrapor Shrug

    Want a wedding with a totally tropical taste? Well today’s real wedding fits the bill perfectly. Relaxed, intimate, a sunset ceremony on a white sandy beach-take me now! Not only that but a wedding that came in under budget! Yes there really is such a thing.  So over to the lovely Leigh to tell us all about her tropical budget busting day. 


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    Destination Wedding – Olympic Lagoon Resort – Rainbow Real Wedding

    Do you like your weddings with a splash of colour or maybe a complete deluge! Today our real wedding sent in by lovely newlywed Kay, is a colour drenched rainbow explosion. I LOVE IT! Not only that but it also gives us a much needed injection of sunshine as the wedding was in  Cyprus. Finally some fab keepsake bouquets from blog favourite Love Bouquets and you have a pretty special day.

    So less waffle and more colour and a whole lot of memories from Kay…


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