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  • Bridal Makeup Tutorial – One Beautiful Day

    Not sure about whether to do your bridal makeup yourself or enlist a professional? Want to know how to make sure your skin is in tip top condition before your wedding day? Want to know makeup artist’s secret weapons? Need some wedding hair styling advice? Are acrylic nails for you? Too many questions??? Well have no fear, Joanne from One Beautiful Day, talented North West hair and makeup artist is here to answer these and many more, with pretty pictures to illustrate the answers by McAvoy Wedding Photography. The questions are mine-and believe me when I say I learnt a few new facts and tips that i have already started to use so over to Joanne and the eejit with the obvious questions…..

    So what is that you are putting on the model’s face?

    This is face primer. It closes up open pores and makes foundation last longer. It also makes the foundation easier to apply. You don’t have to use as much foundation after using primer and in some cases you don’t have to use foundation at all. I use and recommend Benefit and would say this is the top primer to use.


    How do you find out which foundation is correct for your skin colour?

    Never test the makeup on your hand. Your hand is a different shade of colour to your face and you will not get accurate results. You should always test on your face. I would also recommend making your face a little darker than your chest, as it always shows up a lot better on photographs. It is always best to go and get your makeup matched up to your skin professionally to get the best results and a perfect match.

    What colours are you using today?

    I am applying gold colours with a flick. This is what most brides are asking for at the moment as it defines the eye shape. I start by applying a light shimmer on the base of the eye lid up to the brow, then added a darker gold making a false more defined socket. This lifts and opens the eye. I then used a lighter gold in the outer corners of each eye. I have used white eyeliner on the bottom lid of the eye.

    I am using Mac and Benefit, they are both well-known brands. I have never had problems with either of them and Mac ‘Face and Body’ is very light on skin for those who do have sensitive skin.

    I have used a lighter pink lipstick which contains glitter; lipsticks that contain glitter will stay on longer throughout the day. I also give the brides the lipstick of their choice for the day so they have no problems topping it up throughout the day.

    What are your top tips for the brides leading up to their wedding day?

    1. Exfoliate a month or earlier leading up to your wedding twice a week. This will brighten your skin and bring out any spots.

    2. Get the correct moisturiser for your skin and moisturise daily.

    3. Cleanse your face when removing makeup. Do not use facial wipes as they cause dry skin and black heads.

    4. Drink plenty of water. This will instantly make your skin brighter and radiant.

    Why would you recommend having a makeup trial?

    It is always best to have a makeup trial so you know exactly what it is going to look like on your day.There are no restrictions as to how many times we try out different things on your trial. Try out different things so you get the perfect look for your day. It is also is a good way to meet me and see if you feel comfortable with me doing your makeup.

    What would you recommend a bride should wear when getting her makeup done?

    A dressing gown or pyjamas. Just anything that has buttons so it’s easy to take off. You don’t want anything that will mess up makeup and hair.

    Wedding hair

    What are your best preparation tips before having your hair done for your wedding?

    If you want to colour your hair, colour it a week or more in advance to make sure it looks how you want it on the day. I would recommend getting it done professionally and not using a box dye.

    Do not try a completely differently colour just before your wedding.try it several months before to ensure you like it.

    Are there certain hairstyles that suit different dresses?

    Of course, I would say for you to have your hair trial the same day as having a dress fitting, to make sure it suits your dress. Also depends on the jewellery you’ll be wearing on the day. You should also bring any head pieces that you want to wear so we can sort out a style that suits them.

    Would you ask the bride to wash the hair the day before the wedding or on the day?

    I would recommend washing hair and blowing it dry without using any hair products, straighteners or curlers. It’s always best to have your hair washed the day before than freshly washed as it is easier to handle.

    So what are you doing for today’s look?

    Today’s look is a semi updo. I am curling the hair using curling tongues.

    Curling hair and now pin curls, why?

    I am curling it before doing the pin curls as it gives the hair more volume, it also falls much better. I am going to pin the hair to the side.

    Are there any hairstyles you would not recommend for a bride?

    A bride will usually know her hair type best and whether curls will stay in or drop out. There is nothing worse than trying to curl hair that will instantly drop out, and we definitely don’t want that on the day of their wedding. This is why it’s good again to have a trial.

    Are there any particular products that you use?

    The only thing I say to use is hairspray. There is really n need for anything else.

    Do you have any advice for brides once their hair is done on their wedding day?

    Don’t mess with the hair when it has been done. The hairspray will wear off and the style will drop.

    What would you do if any of the curls had dropped out and you have gone?

    Ideally a bridesmaid will be watching with the hairdressers so they know how to remedy any minor hair issues. If it is  beyond a bridesmaid’s skills, just give me a call and I would come and sort it out straight away. If the hair had come out of place during the day and it could not be sorted, again, just give me a ring and I would come and sort it out, there will always be someone to help.


    Stupid question from someone who has had 2 manicures in her life and never worn false nails, are there different types of nails?

    Yes there is a variety of nails, some nail beds are longer than others and shorter nails don’t look as nice as longer nails even with acrylics on. Always get acrylics done by a professional, who will also advise you on the best nails for you.

    Do all brides want acrylics?

    No, some brides prefer to just have natural nails if they are already quite long and well looked after.

    Leading up to the wedding what would you recommend?

    Leading up to the wedding I would say to keep nails moisturised and filed daily. Moisturise oils into cuticles. This is mainly for those who are having natural nails. I would say to drink lots of water and take specialist hair and nail vitamins if needed.


    Thankyou so much to One Beautiful Day for the fab styling and advice. I am throwing away all my facial wipes and off to buy face primer right now. If you have any hair or makeup dilemmas please leave a comment and we will make sure we get an answer for you. Bye for now, Jenny.

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