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    Manchester Wedding Photography – How to Choose Your Photographer

    So today we have a subject close to my heart-wedding photography. A great photographer captures a moment in time, emotion, beauty, detail and do so in an artistic, creative way to leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

    In tough times the amount of couples who decide to let “Uncle Bob” or a cheap part time wedding photographer to photograph their wedding rises rapidly, as couples cut back on what they see as the non essentials to getting married.

    Don’t get me wrong, their are some fabulous value for money photographers out there but there is also a lot of crap. Sorry to be so blunt but it’s true. We all know of a wedding photography horror story-bad photography, rude photographers, poor customer service, so today we have a post from an experienced wedding photographer, Jenny from McAvoy Wedding Photography, to give you a few of her top tips on choosing your wedding photographer….

    Don’t compromise on serviceย 

    No matter how much you spend on your photography you should feel special from your initial enquiry onwards. Your photographer should want to work hard to get to know you. I love weddings and want to know all about each and every special day. I keep in regular contact with my couples right from the start. After all, they are going to spending a hell of a lot of time with you on your wedding day. I usually get roped into doing up dresses, fastening shoes, picking confetti out of hair and running after pageboys so its always good to make sure you are comfortable with the person who may be seeing you without your makeup and semi naked ๐Ÿ™‚


    Are two photographers really better than one?ย 

    Most definitely yes! Twice the coverage, twice the memories captured and you get the benefit of two different styles. They can split up to cover both the the bride AND the groom getting ready. Later on one can be taking the more formal photos while the other rolls around on the grass photographing the flower girls.

    Research is key

    No matter what your budget please make sure you check out the online galleries of the photographer to get a good feel for style, quality and experience. You will know then if they are the sort of photographer you are interested in. It will also give you an idea on how consistent the photography is. Anyone can take one or two great images (even if it’s by accident!). How many of you have taken an amazing photos that you are mega proud of but with no real idea how you did it? A professional photographer should be taking a full day’s worth of fabulous photographs at every wedding so ask to see an example of a full wedding not just their highlights.

    Also it’s important to see the photographers actual albums , rather than just images online. There can be a massive difference in quality when you see an image in print and you can also see the quality of the albums used and how they are designed by the photographer.

    Editing styles

    Now there are HUGE differences in how photographers handle the images after they leave your wedding. Some photographers will simply upload the images and send you them as they were taken, completely untouched unedited, unfinished, some will spend a hell of a lot of time handpicking your images, editing each one to remove unsightly fire exit signs, plug sockets, blinkers, SOME will take it a stage further and add weird effects, orange 1970s tints, black and white pictures with a bouquet picked out in colour, cheesy soft focus effects. I am firmly in the camp of enhancing rather than changing beyond recognition. I would not let any of my images leave my studio until they have been personally processed by me but at the same time I wouldn’t change the image so it bears no resemblance to the original and don’t get me started on the Oompa Loompa look that some photographers favour!


    This is your BIG day. You deserve to feel like a diva for one day in your life. Look for a photographer that has an innovative style that pushes boundaries, tat will make you feel special. You deserve so much more than a one size fits all photographer.

    Sample Photo Shoot

    We always offer a sample photo shoot to our couples before they even commit to a booking. We like to prove to couples that we can provide a fabulous service creating unforgettable images on your wedding day. For you, it gives you the confidence that you are choosing the right photographer and that they can take amazing images of you and not people you have never met. If a photographer won’t do this beware-maybe they are not so confident in their abilities as they want you to believe ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pre wedding shoot

    Now this can be the sample shoot or a separate shoot if you have already booked your photographer. It is basically a “getting to know you” shoot. A ways for you to get to know how your photographer works, a chance for your photographer to see which of you hates having their photo taken and who is a poser so that by the time your wedding day comes around you will know your photographer pretty well and you won’t feel awkward having your photo taken. It also gives you the chance to get some informal “engagement images” that you can use as save the date cards, a signing frame or just as a memento of your engagement.

    It’s quality not quantity

    I get soooo many couples who want everything but the kitchen sink with their wedding package. They want every image on disc, they want a big album, parents albums, mini albums. As with most things it’s usually quality not quantity. If a photographer is offering every image on disc at a very low price the chances are those images will not be edited and they won’t even check to remove the rubbish. A way to check is to see when you will get to see the images. If it is a couple of days after your wedding steer clear. No decent photographer can turn a wedding around so quickly.

    You may struggle to even get a decent album out of what you are sent. Check exactly what you are getting in your package. If you are getting lots of product for a cheap price then the chances are you are dealing with a part time photographer without a lot of experience who is doing photography as a bit of a hobby, so all the pitfalls of that such as professional insurance, quality etc apply ๐Ÿ™‚ If it appears to be too good to be true-it usually is ๐Ÿ™‚

    Why not go with “Uncle Bob”?

    I always say just because you have the equipment doesn’t mean you know how to use it. That applies to lots of things, including photography! A professional photographer will have undergone lengthy training and have bags of experience. “Uncle Bob” might have a nice big camera and might have taken a few great pictures but how many did he take to get that handful of great images? Can he handle the stress of a full day of photographing family, friends and strangers who have probably had a drink? How will it affect your relationship if it all goes wrong? Is he insured? There are lots of things to consider when choosing a family member-could write a whole separate post about it but these are the main ones to have a think about ๐Ÿ™‚

    Finally the cheapest option is not usually the best option. Be realistic about price and remember you generally get what you pay for. Also it is worth noting that after your flowers have died, your dress is packed away in the loft and the cake has been eaten, you are left with each other, your rings and your photos….

    Thankyou to McAvoy Wedding Photography for their great advice. What are your thoughts on this? Professional photographers-do you have an opinion? I’ve never met one yet who hasn’t so please share…. Bye for now, Jenny.ย 

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    2 Responses to “Manchester Wedding Photography – How to Choose Your Photographer”

    1. avatar Graham says:

      Great Advice, The only thing I would add is to make sure you pick someone/ people you really gel with. Your photography team will be around all day we are a big part of you wedding team, and we are the only people there not invited. There would be nothing worse than having people around you all day at your wedding you just cant get on with, even if you get the most stunning images after. All you will remember of the day is wishing they would leave. We say to clients if we aren’t the guys for you even if you love the work your better to keep looking for your people or you will just end up disappointing. Not everyone is for everyone if you know what I mean. There is no shame is saying i Just don’t think your my cup of tea.

    2. Great advice on choosing your wedding photographer. Obviously, I am a bit biased, but I have to agree with… http://t.co/qQaqAGlXwt

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