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  • How to Choose a Wedding Band – Wedding Entertainment

    So you are about to choose a wedding band.Where do you start? What do you need to consider?

    How to choose a wedding band wedding dance Love me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography


    When it comes to your wedding reception, having the right entertainment is important. Your reception is going to be one of the key things that your guests remember about the day.

    After all, your guests typically spend only an hour or so at the actual ceremony, but most wedding receptions last for hours, so getting the entertainment right is essential.

    Most people choose to have some sort of music at their wedding reception. Everyone loves music and dancing is great fun.

    Naturally, you want to play music that everyone will enjoy and sets the right tone. You know what music your friends and family like and respond positively to from other family events, so use that as your starting point when choosing the type of music that will be played.

    Your next decision is how to deliver that music. There is a tendency for people to choose a DJ without really considering other alternatives. This can work out fine but a Wedding Band is a great alternative to a DJ. Hiring a band need not be much more expensive than hiring a DJ and you get a lot more from a band. If you choose the right band, they will provide additional entertainment value while on stage.

    choose a wedding band wedding couple dancing Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Most people enjoy live music far more than they do recordings and are more likely to get up and have a dance. Live music will turn your wedding reception into more of an event.

    Usually a band can create a better buzz than a DJ can. They can measure the mood of the crowd better and change what they are playing to get everyone up and dancing. Experienced bands will happily change the way they play to suit the tastes of your family and friends.

     Naturally, you need to hear them play before you hire them. This means starting to look for your wedding band early because you will have to go on a few nights out to find the right band. Of course, you can watch demo videos, but be aware that some bands add the audio that they have recorded in the studio over the top of their live performance videos. This can make it hard to work out how good they sound when actually performing live.

    Sit down, discuss their playing style, and determine how adaptable they can be. It is also wise to go through their potential playlist to make sure there are no songs on it that could cause offense to some of your guests. Find out if they are willing to take requests.

    Choose a wedding band wedding guests dancing Love Me Love my Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Generally speaking, the more experienced a band is at playing for functions the better they will be. Playing live in a pub is quite different from playing live at a private party. It takes a different set of performance skills, so it makes sense to choose a wedding band that has played at other weddings.

    Choose a wedding band wedding guests dancing Love Me Love my wedding

    Images by McAvoy Photography

    You need to check that the venue offers everything that the band needs including a power source that will be free for the band to use. Usually the band will discuss all of this direct with the venue provider. However, it is not wise to assume this is the case, at least ask the question to make sure nothing is missed.

    Take your time and follow these tips and you will be able to hire a great wedding band.

    Choose a wedding band first dance plus flower girl Love me Love My wedding

    McAvoy Photography

     So hope that gives you some great tips on how to choose a wedding band. If you have any advice of your own we would love to hear from you. Bye for now, Jenny.

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    2 Responses to “How to Choose a Wedding Band – Wedding Entertainment”

    1. avatar Jen says:

      The weightiest decision of the night! So important to get it right. Thanks for these tips. Really good point about the most experienced bands and them knowing how to play at weddings. It’s likely, too, that busy and successful wedding bands who’ll be the best choice for a wedding won’t be doing dingy pub gigs. So it’s hard to necessarily get to see a band live. Most of my married friends booked through agencies, this way you can ask their advice who are the most experienced, best bands, and those who’ll get the crowd going all night. I’ve been recommended Function Central, and they’ve got loads of choice in the North West Hyperlink Code

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