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  • Destination Wedding – Olympic Lagoon Resort – Rainbow Real Wedding

    Do you like your weddings with a splash of colour or maybe a complete deluge! Today our real wedding sent in by lovely newlywed Kay, is a colour drenched rainbow explosion. I LOVE IT! Not only that but it also gives us a much needed injection of sunshine as the wedding was in  Cyprus. Finally some fab keepsake bouquets from blog favourite Love Bouquets and you have a pretty special day.

    So less waffle and more colour and a whole lot of memories from Kay…



    For my Christmas and birthday gifts in December 2010, Matt planned a surprise trip to New York over the new year break!  We were lucky to make it there, as in the days leading up to our departure, both Heathrow and JFK airports were closed at some point due to the bad snow.  On our first day there, we went ice skating at the rink outside the Rockefeller Centre.  We had only gone half way round the ice rink when Matt suggested we sit on a bench under the giant Rockefeller Christmas tree.  I distinctly remember him trudging through the snow in his ice skates, trying to find a clear spot to sit.  I didn’t think anything of it as Matt hates ice skating and can barely stand up on skates, on or off the ice!  We sat for a few moments, admiring the tree.  Then Matt got down on one knee in the snow, wearing ice skates, and popped the big question!


    What was important to you when initially planning the wedding?

    Initially the most important factor for us was the wedding date.  We both knew we wanted to do it as soon as possible, and had our hearts set on getting married in the Summer of 2012.  We used magazines, the internet and friends’ experiences to help us explore some initial options for getting married in England.  We found a few places that we liked and that were within our budget, although this left no budget for a honeymoon.  That was when we decided to explore getting married abroad, as if we were going to spend all this money we definitely wanted a holiday out of it!  Like with any option when planning a wedding, there are pros and cons to any path you choose.  We perhaps knew this quicker than engaged couples getting married in their home country, as we knew immediately that there would be some people who we love who wouldn’t be able to make it.  We both agreed that getting married abroad was an option for us as long as both sets of parents could make it.  So the next step was to check this with them, and fortunately they all agreed – quite luckily some might say as Matt’s parents had never flown before and his Dad had never been abroad before!


    Once we had decided this was the path we would take, we started to enquire with other key family members and close friends about whether they would like to come on the holiday.  We agreed on getting married somewhere in Europe, as we didn’t want Matt’s parents to have to travel too far for their first experience, and we had family members with young children so wanted to keep flights short for them.  We also hoped that it would make it more affordable for those family and friends who did want to join us.


    We booked the holiday and wedding through Thomas Cook travel agents, who were very helpful and patient through every step of the way.  When we went to book the holiday, we hadn’t actually decided on a country.  We didn’t have too many prescriptive ideas, we just both liked the idea of the wedding ceremony taking place in a garden with some kind of gazebo.  It was flicking through the brochures and finding a picture of the perfect spot for the wedding ceremony that actually determined the country and the hotel we got married in!


    We holidayed and got married at the Olympic Lagoon Resort in Nissi Bay in Cyprus.  25 of us went in total, some for 2 weeks, some for 11 days and some for a week.  Most of us booked through Thomas Cook as one party, while a few others booked independently.  The hotel staff and Thomas Cook staff were fantastic in helping us with the preparations.  They emailed/posted us information to help us make choices and bookings.  They explained to us about the Affidavit we had to have prepared before we went.  We got married on a Wednesday, a week and a half after we got there.  They organised all the legalities for us, like the appointment at the Town Hall in Cyprus to sort the paperwork.  There were several choices within the hotel for the location of the ceremony, and choices for receptions after.  We opted to get married in the gardens at noon, followed by drinks on the Cinnamon Terrace, a sit down meal on the Captain’s Deck, and then a DJ for the evening do in a private room.  It was all PERFECT!


    Wedding Theme

    Our wedding theme was ‘rainbows’!  I had a vision very early on of how to bring this to life.  I could tell at times that some people perhaps couldn’t seem my vision, and I just had to trust myself in the decisions that were made.  Luckily Matt trusted my decisions too and was very happy to let me carry on with the preparations in this department!



    The main way we brought the theme to life was having each of the bridesmaids in a dress which was a different colour of the rainbow – so we had one each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink!  Choosing our bridesmaids was extremely easy.  I have an amazing sister and sister-in-law, who’ve also given me 4 gorgeous nieces.  And of course there is my best friend Jo.  It was a must for me to have them all as bridesmaids – I don’t know how I would have chosen if someone said you can’t have them all!  I can’t remember exactly where the wedding theme of rainbows came from, but I think possibly it may have been thinking that I had that many bridesmaids there was enough for one in every colour of the rainbow!  My sister’s mother-in-law made the dresses for us, and I can’t ever thank her enough as she really did bring a dream into reality for me.  You can see from the photos what an absolutely amazing job she did with the dresses.  I always felt it was perhaps a risky choice going for lots of different colours, so tried really hard to keep the dresses simple and elegant and have consistently and simplicity in their accessories.  The key I think was making sure that the fabric was the same for each dress and that the colours were the same depth – I really think this helped pull off such an unusual theme.


    Flowers could be arranged through the hotel when we got there.  However, as I wanted to ensure simplicity in accessories my mom and I found and tweaked the bridesmaids’ bouquets before we went.  These were white roses (which enhanced the roses nestled in my dress), and we found matching ribbon for each bouquet just to give a splash of each bridesmaid’s colour.  We did the same with a single rose for each of the groomsmen.


    I splashed out on my bouquet which was a crystal one made by Love Bouquets, who I found on the internet.  Again you can see from the photos what an amazing job they did with the bouquet, especially with matching up the colours to my bridesmaids’ dresses.  The bouquet is now a proud ornament in my living room!



    This was arranged through the Thomas Cook staff when we got to the hotel.  We made a few suggestions from a few of their options, and didn’t see the end result until on the day.  Again the staff were great at listening to our theme for the day and they did a great job of producing something that fitted in with this.


    I STILL love thinking and talking about my wedding dress!  I started looking in the October so about 9-10 months before the wedding.  I thought I had a basic idea of what I would like and what would suit me, however I tried to go with an open mind, especially as by this point we knew we were getting married in Cyprus, in August, at midday!  I went dress shopping with just my sister, who was my chief bridesmaid.  She was the only one through the entire process that saw me in any wedding dresses, including my own, until the big day itself!  Lots of people asked “aren’t you taking your mom or other bridesmaids?!”  However, I’m a worrier, a people pleaser, and don’t like lots of people looking at me!  So it was important for me to do what I needed to make the process less stressful.  We went to a few different shops and I tried on a big range of dresses.  There were one or two that I liked, but there was always a “but what about …?” or “what if…?” hanging over them.  But the minute I tried on what was to be my dress, I absolutely knew without a doubt that was the one!  I know this sounds like such a cliché, but you really do know when it’s your dress.  I still went away and slept on it for the night, but couldn’t wait to go back and order it the next day!  My dress was the SaBelle by Maggie Sottero, and I ordered it from The Wardrobe in Kinver.  The staff were so lovely there which added to the whole experience.  I won’t deny that on the day I was absolutely melting – my dress weighed 6 kilograms and with the hoop there was about 6 layers to it.  However, I had felt cooler in the shops (even in October) when trying on dresses with hoops, as they keep the fabric away from your skin.  I think I would have been boiling hot whatever I had worn, but I felt like a princess on the big day and just didn’t want to stop wearing my dress when it all came to an end.



    It was funny trying to pick the music as our tastes in music could not be more different!  Eventually we agreed on Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colours’ for the bridesmaids and myself to walk into.  While the register was signed we had Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, and we walked through the gardens with all the confetti being thrown to Take That’s ‘Greatest Day’.  Our first dance together (and by this we literally mean FIRST dance EVER – Matt does not do dancing!) was Elton John’s ‘The One’.

    The most extravagant part of the wedding

    …was the holiday!  But we were so pleased that this was the case.  We really didn’t feel we could justify spending thousands of pounds on one meal for the reception.


    Our top tip

    As well as being an extremely enjoyable experience, it can be hard and stressful at times when planning a wedding.  While you’ll inevitably want to make sure everybody has a nice time, don’t ever forget that this is YOUR DAY.  You’ll only get it once – don’t let yourself have any regrets about something you did or didn’t do because you didn’t put yourselves as a couple first.


    Thoughts on the wedding day

    It felt like a dream – everything we could ever have wanted and more!  People often ask “what was your favourite part/memory of the day?”  but you just can’t pick one.  It was the most special day we’ve ever had and something we will cherish forever.


    Congratulations to Kay and Matt. What a happy, smiley colourful wedding. Want to dive right into it. A perfect destination wedding. If you have a wedding you would like to share with us please get in touch. Its’ your blog so please get involved 🙂 Bye for now, Jenny.

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