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  • Danby Castle Styled Shoot – Sleeping Beauty

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful newlywed called Joanne McGowan. She had loved every minute of her wedding to her prince, Simon http://www.lovemelovemywedding.com/real-wedding-wednesday-a-grand-coombe-abbey-affair/ but was a bit sad that she wasn’t going to dress up in her fine wedding gown ever again.

    Then one day her fairy Godmother from Love Me Love My Wedding granted her a very special wish. Jo could dress in wedding finery again and be a princess for the day. There was just one catch…her prince would not be played by her new husband, Simon, but by another handsome chap-Max. Ahh well!” said Princess Jo, “It’s a hard job but someone has to do it…… “

    Jo was at the very front of the queue when we made our facebook appeal for real women to model at our styled shoots for the blog. We want to show that everyone can look and feel fabulous in wedding gowns with professional stylists, you don’t need experience if you have the right photographer to guide you and readers- tell me honestly what’s the verdict?

    So on a very cold and blustery January day a crack team of wedding suppliers converged from all corners of England to Danby Castle in North Yorkshire for the first of our Twisted Fairytale styled shoots, Sleeping Beauty. With movies coming to our screens with a new twist on old tales-Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters and Oz, The Great and Powerful, this style is current, whimsical and romantic. Who doesn’t want to woken from a long sleep by a handsome prince?

    Sleeping Beauty’s awaited rescue from her prince wearing a fabulous gown from Agape Bridal Boutique.

    She clutched a bouquet of roses, ivy, birch twigs and myrtle  by Verdure Floral Design, as red as she blood she shed when she pricked her finger  on the spinning wheel.

    Oh! What would make her waken?” asked the Queen weeplng. “Love,” replied the fairy. “If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life!How can a man fall in love with a sleeping girl?”  The sleeping Princess was taken to her room and laid on the bed surrounded by garlands of flowers. She was so beautiful, with a sweet face, not like those of the dead, but pink like those who are sleeping peacefully.

    The fairy gave Sleeping Beauty a pair of magical hand painted shoes by Le Soulier to protect her from the wicked fairies while she slept.

    Now, it so happened that a Prince arrived in the rugged North Yorkshire moors. Young, handsome and melancholy, he sought in solitude everything he could not find in the company of other men: serenity, sincerity and purity. Wandering on his trusty steed he arrived, one day, at the dark forest. Being adventurous, he decided to explore it. He pushed back the branches . . . Wonder of wonders! There in front of him stood Danby Castle. The young man stood stock still in amazement. The young Prince rode on towards the castle.

    As though led by a hand in the complete silence, the Prince finally reached the room where the beautiful Princess lay fast asleep. For a long time he stood gazing at her face, so full of serenity, so peaceful, lovely and pure, and he felt spring to his heart that love he had always been searching for and never found. Overcome by emotion, he went close, lifted the girl’s little white hand and gently kissed it . .

    At that kiss, the princess quickly opened her eyes, and wakening from her long long sleep, seeing the Prince beside her, murmured: “”Oh, you have come at last! I was waiting for you in my dream. I’ve waited so long!” Just then, the spell was broken. The Princess rose to her feet, holding out her hand to the Prince.

    Just then the Princess noticed her pretty Le Soulier shoes. “Oh my what fine footwear. I shall never take them off!”

    The Prince whisked Sleeping Beauty outside for some much needed fresh air, and you can’t get much fresher than Danby Castle on the North Yorkshire Moors in January!


    The castle grounds were resplendent thanks to Verdure Floral Design who scattered the ground with red rose petals and decorated sandblasted Manzanita trees with spheres of Naomi red roses.

     The Prince gazed upon Sleeping Beauty’s smoky eyes, ruby red lips and soft curls by Kate Pymm Make Up and grasping the hand of the Princess once again, asked her to marry him. “My sweet Prince, of course I shall!”

    The Princess jumped to her feet and the newly engaged couple embraced.

    And so the Royal photographers, McAvoy Wedding Photography and Colin Murdoch Studio, were there to capture these happy moments.

    The Princess became quiet and thoughtful, the Prince looked on, worried whether he had done something to upset his love.

    “My Princess what ails you my sweet?” the Prince asked worriedly. “Why nothing my Prince. I  was just thinking, we have not a moment to lose. We must plan our wedding immediately!”

    “I am thinking red is definitely our colour, and of course Kate Pymm Make Up will make me beautiful.

    I shall ask Agape Bridal Boutique to make me a bespoke wedding gown fit for a Princess.

    “And my life simply would not be complete without a fabulous pair of new Le Soulier hand painted shoes!” exclaimed Sleeping Beauty. “But Princess, I thought you said you never wanted to take off the ones you are wearing now?” said the Prince, very puzzled.

    “Oh my sweet Prince, you must know by now that a girl can NEVER have too many fabulous shoes!”

    “In that case my dear,” cried the Prince smiling, “sod the horse and carriage to take us to our wedding. I want a Lamborghini!”

    Thankyou to the fabulous team of suppliers that made this fairy tale shoot possible.

    Styling and coordination:  Love Me Love My Wedding

    Venue:                                    Danby Castle

    Models:                                  Jo McGowan and Max Visna

    Photography:                       McAvoy Wedding Photography

                                                    Colin Murdoch Studio

    Wedding Gown:                  Agape Bridal Boutique

    Handpainted shoes           Le Soulier

    Suit:                                        Formal Approach

    Hair and Makeup:               Kate Pymm Make Up

    Flowers:                                Verdure Floral Design

    Can’t wait to share the next Twisted Fairy Tale with you…Coming up soon – Cinderella. If you have a theme you would like to share please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.Bye for now,Jenny

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