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  • Boudoir Photography – Mel Wilde Photography at Cannizaro House

    Well we’re definitely going with the less is more theory on the blog this morning as we feature a fabulous boudoir shoot by talented London photographer, Mel Wilde.

    Beautiful classic boudoir images make gorgeous personal gifts for a groom or an anniversary present.  You may even have a few images in your bridal underwear on the morning of your wedding. You may also consider a couples boudoir shoot.

    Don’t be horrified at the prospect of a boudoir shoot. It is not about getting your bits out for all and sundry to see -it’s about tasteful, understated images, a memoir of your love for each other, a celebration of you.   

    So I’m going to let Mel Wilde Photography tell you all about the shoot and her thoughts on boudoir photography…

    A cold windy morning, toward the end of January, isn’t everyone’s idea of a day that’s perfect for a boudoir session! Briony and Emma, two beautiful women, braved the elements to make their way to the beautiful Cannizaro House for a wonderful morning of photography and pampering.

    My shoot teams offer women a great experience. The two women pictured in these two blog posts are not models. Having given us permission to use their images commercially, we wanted a location worthy of their faith in us and that’s what Cannizaro House provided. Deservedly known as SW London’s uniquely friendly country house and boutique hotel, its stunning bedrooms offer everything needed to create exquisite and thoughtfully crafted boudoir images.

    For me, boudoir should be painterly in style. I’m not dying to replicate a lingerie ad’ in sessions, though we can do that. For me, though the images may start off being for a partner … in session it’s all about the woman, and images which pay homage to her beauty, femininity and courage.

    Most brides look amazing the year of their wedding, but show me a woman who feels one hundred percent confident about their bodies. My job, is to take the courage women offer getting in front of my lens and reward that with great lighting, composition and editing to show them how beautiful they are.

    A lot of bridal coaches are popping up these days to build brides confidence as they approach a day filled with excitement, love and potentially a bit of pressure. Boudoir for me is about alleviating the pressure…. taking it all back to this beautiful girl.

    Boudoir needn’t be something to fear… it should be a giggle. For that reason, I think, I’m seeing an upsurge in women booking boudoir in small groups, either mini hens or just their sister / bridesmaids ahead of the wedding. The images should be feminine, authentically the woman and yes… a little sultry! Who doesn’t want to feel like that going into their wedding day?!

    Our goal always is to prove to women that boudoir photography is for anyone. As a photographer, I’ve seen how much fun women can have on shoot and how liberating they often find it.  Clients come to boudoir for a host of reasons: gifts for a partner; seeing themselves anew, during or post pregnancy; a challenge to oneself when approaching a milestone birthday.

    Emma, the brunette in the images, was newly married last year and regretted not having any boudoir images taken, so did it after the wedding to tie in with the first anniversary gifting! It was important to her to be photographed in her bridal lingerie and in honouring that, we had our florist craft her something for her hair… the coronet … to really push that sense of romance and beauty.

    Emma brought a friend, Briony. And in truth, a lot of giggling goes on beforehand in the make up chair where all the girly prep goes on! Neither was in the room when I photographed the other, but bringing a pal to boudoir can also alleviate tension and offer women a fun day out! Briony was keen to do something to challenge how she sees herself before embarking on a new career move.

    Her day started in the make up chair and hands of Tiffany Cartwright, a calming influence on any anxious client and a lovely make up artist who I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot. Whilst there, she had a giggle with Lacey West, a stylist and supplier for the beautiful jewellery of Lacey West of Stella and Dot. Straight away, we were on for a day all about the girls!

    Nicky Doodson, an exceptional London florist, provided an array of stunning hair accessories. Briony’s included some simple wired dark hellebores and a strand of freshwater pearls, crystal beads and pipped hyacinths, which Briony wore as a circlet, below.

    Her second look was very bohemian in feel, which inspired me to play with the natural simplicity of the window light in her final images.

    Briony left with a skip in her step and a big grin. It’s fair to say the shoot team left with a huge style crush on her! Her sense of humour shines through all the images and we loved working with her!

    Five hours after her shoot, she got in touch to say:

    ’I had a great day. I really enjoyed spending time with such creative, passionate people; they left me feeling really inspired. The photoshoot itself was surprisingly fun ~ Mel really put me at ease with her sense of humour and clear direction. The team are so talented and they work so well together; having to smile and laugh on cue was the easy bit!’  

    And she looked beautiful!


    Emma’s photo shoot, had two distinct looks: bridal and a little retro.

    Newly married, but never captured in her bridal lingerie, Emma came to the shoot with a desire to be captured in lingerie from her wedding day. Understandably, having married the man of her dreams, she has nothing but fond memories of how she felt that day and what she was wearing.

    Brides are often photographed preparing for their big day, by photographers, but few have time on a busy wedding morning to engage in the kind of ’mini shoot’ we arranged for Emma after her wedding. These kind of images are likely to make a perfect first anniversary gift for her lucky husband, but I think the person who will be most thrilled will be the woman herself.

    I photograph boudoir differently for every client and each session is styled with the help of a great creative team and some time well spent getting to know my clients a little. Emma has a softness and natural lightness to her character, that really shines through in these images. She is sunny to be around and incredibly sensitive to others. Throughout the shoot, her focus was often on whether she was doing what I needed as her photographer, and my job was to distract her to think of things that allowed her to relax. So, what comes through is authentically Emma, because it wasn’t difficult to distract her and capture her as ‘her.’

    All newlyweds instantly light up when they mention their other halves or their big day! So the images that really steal one’s heart are those captured when she was thinking of or chatting about her husband.

    Nicky’s coronet was made up of: mini spray burgundy rose, rice flower, peppercorn, hydrangea pips, silver cape, tuberose florets and hyacinth pips. It was as beautiful as she was and really compliments the colours of her make up, by Tiffany Cartwright, and her natural skin tones.

    What especially guided me as her photographer was the wonderful contrast between Emma’s porcelain skin and her dark eyes and hair. She looked so classic in her bridal images, so afterwards we were keen to change the vibe a little..

    Keeping things soft, but enjoying an opportunity to style up and play with more Lacey West Stella and Dot statement pieces, we ran with some retro jackets and hand made silk, retro lingerie…

    Mostly, the shots I love are those taken right at the end of our session. Emma had shaken her hair free of adornments and wore a simple, nude silk slip. She looks so simply classic and beautiful. They’re just very ‘simply Emma.’

    This particular shoot couldn’t have happened without the most amazing goodwill, talent and time of some very special people. I’d like to thank:

    The lovely and friendly staff team at Cannizaro House: www.cannizarohouse.com

    The wonderfully creative Nicky Doodson: www.nickydoodson.com

    The fabulous Lacey West for her Stella and Dot gems: www.stellaanddot.co.uk/sites/laceywest

    The super talented Tiffany Cartwright: www.tiffanycartwright.com


    Thankyou so much to Mel Wilde Photography and her fabulous style team for sharing this gorgeous boudoir shoot with us and proving that boudoir is not scary but fun, classy and sexy. If you’re looking for Boudoir photography in London or you have a boudoir shoot you would like to share with us or want to know more about this fabulous service please get in touch. It’s your blog so please get involved, Bye for now, Jenny.

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    1. Beautiful Boudoir images from our shoot at Cannizaro House! http://t.co/kQ6Mc50s96

    2. avatar Arthur says:

      These photos are excellent examples of how good photography can make good looking girls look even better in their wedding attires.

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