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  • Halloween Wedding Inspiration

    %Wedding IdeasHalloween Wedding Inspiration

    So happy Halloween everyone! and while you share your amazing pumpkin carvings on Facebook and dust off the face paints, I thought I would join in the fun and share some Halloween wedding inspiration on the blog.

    %Wedding IdeasHalloween Wedding Inspiration

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    Wedding Gifts – Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    So you’re getting married and already live together, so don’t want the usual toaster and crockery sets. or you’re going to be a guest at a wedding where the couple seems to have everything.What do you buy them? Well here at Love Me Love My Wedding, we are beginning a series of posts over the next days and weeks, to give you some unique ideas.Today, we have a gorgeous Mr and Mrs Hamper from Giftinspiration.com. Of course I wanted to sample the haper for myself and i was delighted when it arrived.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    Beautifully packaged in a silver box and matching ribbon, it was a treat to even open it.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    Loved the packaging inside too and think this would make a fab gift for a bride and groom to find in their honeymoon suite.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    Who can resist a box of handmade chocolates?

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    Cute heartshaped shortbread didn’t last long in my house!

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    Beautiful Mr & Mrs champagne flutes to toast the nuptials.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    Glass votive candles to set a romantic mood, champagne and chocolates-divine.

    Get yourself over to Inspired Gifts for more fab wedding gift ideas.I’m off to enjoy a mid morning chocolate snack %Wedding IdeasWedding Gifts   Gift Inspiration for Weddings

    Wedding Decor – How to Create a Perfect Ambience

    Whether you are getting married in a marquee, a stately home, a restaurant or a generic hotel, you can add your own personal stamp quite easily and without breaking the bank.

    Today we are looking at easy and effective ways ways to create an intimate ambience whatever your venue.


    The easiest way to create an atmosphere is with well placed lighting. Think fairy lights in outdoor areas, or in marquees. Or use fairylights as table centre pieces. Love the use of empty wine bottles and fairy lights.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Decor   How to Create a Perfect Ambience

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Decor   How to Create a Perfect Ambience

    Or warm, candlelight -they can create so many different moods. From a soft flicker of fat church candles or the elegance of a candelabra.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Decor   How to Create a Perfect Ambience

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Decor   How to Create a Perfect Ambience

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    Wedding Venues – Unusual Tented Wedding Venues

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Venues   Unusual Tented Wedding Venues

    When people think about weddings, they often conjure up images of churches, hotels and registry offices. However, the fact is weddings are changing and couples are now looking for more innovative and unusual venues for their big days.Today we are looking at tented venues from conventional to downright exotic.

    The advantage of this type of venue is that they are more portable-so if you have a large garden you could have your wedding there, you could pitch up in a farmer’s field (with permission of course), or even the grounds of a country manor or hotel.

    Just remember there are a few things to consider.

    Toilets: – I’ve been to marquee weddings where there have been NO toilets in the marquee and guests have had to traipse through a windswept filed to spend a penny-Not ideal.

    Power: you’ll need to consider generators to bring electricity to your venue. Candlelight may be very romantic but you need electricity for lighting, a sound system and heating or air conditioning. Check out a generator from Tarplett Generators.

    Catering: The chances are you’ll need outside caterers.This a great way to create a menu that suits you perfectly.Make sure you take advantage of food tastings. A great way to sample the menus and you can never say no to free food!

    Bar: If you need to organise a bar, make sure the alcohol is included. I was once at a wedding where the groom and both dads were frantically buying up all alcohol and mixers from every little shop in a remote Cornish village, 3 hours before the wedding, because they thought alcohol was included in the cost of the bar hire.

    So now over to our favourite tented wedding venue ideas…..

    1. Yurts

    If you’ve not seen one before, a yurt is a portable, round structure with a dome roof. These distinctive creations are increasingly being used as holiday accommodation and as venues for celebrations. There’s something rustic and charming about their look, and they can be ideal for weddings in the countryside.

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Venues   Unusual Tented Wedding Venues

    It’s worth noting that unlike many other potential venues, yurts tend to be on the small side, so if you’re planning a huge party, they might not be right for you. However, for smaller, more intimate weddings, they can be ideal. One thing’s for sure, by holding your big day in a yurt, you’ll make an impression on your guests!

     2. Marquees

     Marquees may be nothing new in themselves, but these days there are lots of different – and in some cases outlandish – versions to choose from. These structures come in all shapes and sizes. Most are white, but many have clear panels and some are entirely transparent.

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Venues   Unusual Tented Wedding Venues

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Venues   Unusual Tented Wedding Venues

    By playing around with different lighting effects, furnishings and accessories, you can create some truly stunning effects in marquees. For example, perhaps you’ll choose to wow your guests with a glittery, Hollywood theme, or maybe something less formal and more playful like a fairy tale would suit you better.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Venues   Unusual Tented Wedding Venues

    3. Big top

     If you really want to cause a stir on your big day, why not hire a ‘big top’ tent. These colourful creations are guaranteed to put people in the party mood. Big tops are available in a range of different sizes and, for the full effect, you could line up some circus-style entertainers. Jugglers and tightrope walkers will certainly make an unusual backdrop for your celebration!

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Venues   Unusual Tented Wedding Venues

    You could even provide your guests with edible circus-related treats, such as hotdogs, ice cream and popcorn.

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    Wedding Traditions in Different Cultures

    Your wedding day is likely to be the best day of your life, and it’s also going to be a very memorable occasion for the friends and family members in attendance. In order to make your wedding day very special for everybody, it requires careful planning and tons of inspiration! One way to find inspiration for your wedding day is to look at how weddings are celebrated in different cultures across the world. You can then pick the traditions that you think would work well for your wedding. There are many other websites that you can draw inspiration from for your wedding, including www.dreamwedding.com.

    Weddings in France

    France is known around the world as one of the most romantic countries, and the French certainly have some interesting traditions when it comes to weddings. While it’s definitely commonplace in many countries to throw things at the bride and groom (usually confetti), newlyweds in France can anticipate wheat, rice or coins as they leave the church. The ever-popular French wedding cake, consisting of cream puffs and sugar, is also a big hit in this country, so if you’re looking for something slightly different for your wedding, this might be something to look into!

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Traditions in Different Cultures

    Weddings in Estonia

    Estonia arguably holds some of the most interesting wedding traditions. On the way to the wedding, it is customary for the bride and groom to toss coins on each of the crossroads they pass. After the wedding reception, the food is not cleared, but rather is left over for any ghosts which may come along during the night. A further Estonian tradition states that any guest which has the misfortune of stepping in cow pat during the wedding will be automatically invited to the christening of the first child of the newly wed couple.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Traditions in Different Cultures

    Weddings in China

    In China, the date of the wedding is set based on star signs and birthdays, which is supposed to bring good luck to the couple. On the wedding day, the bridesmaids have the task of setting tests for the groom to carry out in order to make sure he is worthy of the bride. Guests at outdoor wedding ceremonies are presented with parasols made of paper or silk painted fans in order to shield themselves from the sun. Traditional tea ceremonies are often held, where the bride will serve her parents and new parents-in-law as a sign of respect to them.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Traditions in Different Cultures

    Weddings in Israel and Jewish Cultures

    Wedding receptions are held separately for the bride and groom in Judaism, giving their individual friends and family members the opportunity to offer blessings and goodwill. A set of conditions is drawn up by the bride, groom and parents which is to be signed by the couple. During this tradition, a plate is broken to symbolise an irreversible act (the couple’s engagement and marriage). Most Jewish weddings take place outdoors, and the bride will traditionally circle her groom seven times.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Traditions in Different Cultures

    No matter which wedding traditions you choose to include in your ceremony, it is sure to be a fantastic day for all involved.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Traditions in Different Cultures

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