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  • Apollo Soul Wedding Band

    Apollo Soul are a leading wedding band who provide premier live entertainment and music for your special day, make sure it's one to remember.

  • Florida Beach Wedding Destinations

    Plan your very own destination wedding on the beautiful beaches of Florida. Our beach wedding packages include everything you need to have the wedding of your dreams on a secluded beach of your choice
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    Shop online for engagement rings and beautiful bridal sets only at Gold & Diamond Source, America's leading only jewelry store.
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    Shop red bridesmaid dresses at RedBD, a professional bridesmaid dress online shop. All dresses are high quality and under 100. Custom made and Worldwide shipping!
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  • Topwedding.com

    2014 Fall Collection of Wedding Dresses on Topwedding Australia


  • Ultimate Hen Party Test


    So today my brain needs a rest from heavy wedding planning . Instead we are all about the fun. We have the ultimate hen party test for you to have a go at. Are you a Kate or a Katie when it comes to wedding planning? Particularly when it comes to your hen party style.

    Well the fab folks at HenParties.com have come up with a tongue in cheek test to see if you are a party girl or celebrating at a more royal pace.

    Ultimate Hen Party Test

    ultimate hen party test for love me love my wedding

    Wedding Photography bible

    A wedding photography bible. Seems a bit of a dramatic name for a guide about wedding photography. Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the key elements of the majority of weddings. Some people consider it THE most important part of the wedding after the ceremony. Others just see it as a necessary evil to document the day.

    It’s a thorny issue which poses a lot of common questions. How much money should I spend on a photographer? Are they really worth that much? Can Uncle Bob do it just as well? What if I don’t like having my picture taken? Are all wedding photographers the same? Well today we have an infographic from Australian wedding photographer Peter Edwards who has created the wedding photography bible. This handy guide will help you get the most out of your wedding photography from styles, to posing. An image checklist, to the important questions to ask your prospective photographer.

    So enjoy the infographic, and more importantly, your wedding images for many years to come.

    Wedding Photography Bible

    wedding photography bible infographic for love me love my wedding

    Thankyou to Peter Edwards Photos for their invaluable advice. Do you have any more tips to offer couples choosing their wedding photographer? Would love to hear from you.


    Coral and Sage Wedding Inspiration

    Today I have a little bit of colour complementing wedding inspiration for you. never be afraid to mix your colours. You could go for a colour clash combination such as pink and yellow. Or opt for colours that complement each other in nature. This is where we are going today with some coral and sage wedding inspiration. Think colour pop coral and soft sage green. A perfect harmonious pairing. A bit like the perfect wedding union.

    Coral and Sage Wedding Inspiration

    Wedding Stationery

    Set the scene for your big day with some beautiful wedding stationery.

    coral and sage wedding inspiration momental designs wedding stationery for love me love my wedding

    Momental Designs

    I love the soft pastel coral and sage of this design by Momental Designs.

    coral and sage wedding inspiration jar of ideas design studio wedding stationery for love me love my wedding

    Jar of ideas design studio

    Or the vibrant, almost tropical feel to this floral design by Jar of Ideas Design Studio.

    Wedding Décor

    This colour combination really has a fresh and contemporary look. It is light with just enough of a pop of colour to create that wow factor.

    Love the sage green table cloths contrasting with the white wooden chairs and coral floral arrangements.

    coral and sage wedding inspiration coral and sage florida wedding for love me love my wedding coral and sage wedding inspiration coral and sage florida wedding table decor for love me love my wedding coral and sage wedding inspiration coral and sage table decor for love me love my wedding

    Or opt for white line with contrasting sage green runners and coral napkins. Add more colour with coral blooms in bottles of varying sizes. Read more

    Alternative Wedding Locations – Luxury Boats

    These days, weddings can be very expensive, yet they all tend to have the same atmosphere. Your wedding day should be something that it is unique and something that will stand out in the memory, which is why an alternative type of venue could be the answer. Today’s post, alternative wedding locations – luxury boats, will illustrate that a boat is a great place to get married if you want your day to be memorable.

     Alternative Wedding Locations – Luxury Boats

    Get married on a cruise

    If you are taking a cruise, then you may be able to arrange to get married on board the ship. Most of the larger boats will have a chapel, or there are other function rooms available that you might be able to use. You might even be able to arrange for some guests to come on board the ship for a few hours for the wedding and the reception if they choose not to go on the cruise with you. The larger boats will have all the facilities for both the wedding and the reception, with both large and small dining areas that may be available to you. This is a great option if you want the facilities of a large resort but a small, intimate wedding.  alternative wedding locations - luxury boats cruise ship wedding for love me love my wedding

    Why not a smaller luxury boat?

     There are plenty of smaller options for those who don’t want to take the cruise route to getting married on a ship. A superyacht such as the Lady Christine, owned by Lord Laidlaw, is a good example of luxury on a grand scale. With Lord Laidlaw set to make Ï17m selling cars, you can be sure that no expense was spared in the building and creation of the Lady Christine. The boat was launched just five years ago and was built at Royal Van Lent Shipyard with Lord Laidlaw overseeing every last detail of the build. A smaller boat such as this is perfect if you want to keep the event small, with just the bride and groom and perhaps a few close friends or family.

      alternative wedding locations - luxury boats lady christine yacht for love me love my wedding alternative wedding locations - luxury boats  lady christine interior for love me love my wedding

    Can you believe this is the interior of a boat?

    If you do decide that a luxury boat is the ideal venue for your wedding, then you will be in good company. Celebrities David Charvet and Brooke Burke chose to get married on a boat off the coast of St Bart’s, and Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, recently got married on board a yacht. People visiting the Greek islands can arrange to get married on board a catamaran and then sail around the islands for their honeymoon.

      alternative wedding locations - luxury boats brooke burje david charvet wedding for love me love my wedding alternative wedding locations - luxury boats luxury yacht wedding ceremony for love me love my wedding

    With the ceremony and reception all catered for in one place, it can save you not only money but also time, and your day will still have the wow factor. Planning for your wedding on a luxury boat is also generally easier as there is usually a wedding or event planner that you can liaise with to ensure that all the details are taken care of. Whether you want to go abroad to get married on a luxury boat or try something closer to home, a solution is not far away.

    Celebrity Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

    Your wedding day is one of the days in your life that will forever be in your memory. Since you know that, it is no wonder that you want your hair to look as beautiful and perfect as possible on your big day. Celebrities are known for spending a lot of attention on having the best wedding hair, so today we are looking at celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration.

    To get great results, it is best to consult with a professional such as Toni & Guy Liverpool. They can advise you on styles that will suit you and the dress you have chosen.

    Here are some styles to inspire you when planning your dream wedding.

    Celebrity Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

    Long, loose waves

    Wearing your hair down adds a youthful and romantic touch to your look. If you don’t have the length for this look, then you can add temporary extensions that will seamlessly blend in with your natural hair colour. This classic style has been worn by celebrities such as Lauren Conrad. This style can be accentuated with a bejewelled hair comb or even a tiara.  celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration lauren conrad for love me love my wedding

    celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration long loose curls bride for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    A crown of flowers

     Ashley Tisdale is well known in the country music world. For her California wedding, she wore her hair in a very natural look. For the ceremony, she wore a crown of fresh flowers to adorn her long, fluid waves. For the reception, she toned it down by twisting two locks of hair back with a few flowers to adorn them. This style is easy to change throughout the wedding and even the honeymoon.

    celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration ashley tisdale bride floral crown for love me love my wedding

    celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration floral crown bride for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Split the difference

     Wearing half your hair up and the other half down adds easy volume to even fine hair. This is a sophisticated look that helps play up good facial structure or draw attention to your eyes and lips. Celebrities such as Rachel McAdams have been seen with this style on the red carpet.

      celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration rachel mcadams for love me love my wedding

    celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration half up half down hair bride for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Beautiful pixie

    Michelle Williams of Dawson’s Creek fame has mastered the pixie cut. There is no question that this look will maximise your facial structure. If you have amazing cheek bones, you can play them up with this look. It is a bit dramatic, though, since it is a short cut, so make sure it is what you want. Hair grows back, but it can take some time if you are trying to get a lot of length back.

      Celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration michelle williams pixie cut for love me love my wedding

    celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration pixie cut bride for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Artistic braid

     There are so many beautiful ways to braid hair. A herringbone-style braid can look beautiful and help hair stay in place during the longest wedding day. Variations include long waves with a braid for a crown. If you don’t have enough hair to get the style you want, there are many hair pieces that can be woven in to achieve the look you want. Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, do this all the time because they change styles so often.

      celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration nicole kidman fishtail braid for love me love my wedding

    celebrity wedding hairstyle inspiration fishtail braid bride for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Trying different styles

    If you have the time, you may want to get your hair done in a few different styles before your big day so that you can decide which one you like best. If you don’t have the time, there are a lot of programs online that will allow you to upload a picture of yourself and virtually try out different hairstyles. This can save you a lot of time and make sure that you look your best on your big day.

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