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  • Honeymoons – Top Safari and Beach Combos

    So today we are taking a trip with The Luxury Safari Company for their top Safari and Beach combination honeymoons. These holidays look idyllic-no dusty discomfort to be seen, so sit down and enjoy the journey…..

    When you’re on your luxury safari honeymoon most couples want a relaxing beach stay at the beginning or end of their trip. This is completely understandable as weddings can be exhausting. Luckily a luxury safari honeymoon combines easily with a number of beach retreats including Mauritius, Zanzibar, Lamu, Seychelles and Mozambique. The luxury safari honeymoon and beach combinations are endless but here are some of our top ideas to start you off (of course all of the below can be chopped and changed to suit you):

    Northern Tanzania & Zanzibar

    Northern Tanzania is spectacular. Here the vast open spaces of the Serengeti are often dotted by hundreds of animals, including big cats and elephants. Northern Tanzania is often done with a private guide which can be lovely for honeymooners wanting absolute privacy – it is then just an easy light aircraft flight to Zanzibar. Zanzibar offers the white sand and turquoise water one would expect from a paradise island and the lodges here range from small boutique beach lodges, to private island experiences and larger luxury hotels.

    %Wedding IdeasHoneymoons   Top Safari and Beach Combos

    Southern Tanzania & Northern Mozambique

    This requires quite a healthy budget but is certainly worth it. The Selous in Southern Tanzania represents one of the last true wildernesses in Africa and offers a romantic and remote safari location where activities include romantic river cruises, fishing, game drives, bush walks and fly camping. You will then fly onwards to the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique – here every lodge is on a private island and hopelessly exclusive. The islands are not tidal so you have gin clear warm Indian Ocean waters to swim in all day.

    South Africa & Southern Mozambique

     South Africa is a wonderful option for those wanting a first time safari which will include tonnes of romantic touches – the South African really know how to spoil you and thanks to the rand gbp exchange rate the safaris there are fantastic value for money. A few nights in Cape Town at the beginning can also mean you get to recover from the wedding in style, before flying directly to your safari location. You will then fly directly to the Southern Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique which is arguably even more beautiful than it’s Northern counterpart.

      %Wedding IdeasHoneymoons   Top Safari and Beach Combos

    Zambia & Mauritius

    This itinerary is a little quirky – Zambia is one of the best countries in Africa for safaris and offers a really wild safari in some of the most game rich areas of Africa. The camps here are intimate and wild and you will certainly have some very romantic moments. You can then fly via Johannesburg and onwards in one day to Mauritius to enjoy a few days at a luxury hotel soaking up the sun on their famously beautiful beaches.

    %Wedding IdeasHoneymoons   Top Safari and Beach Combos

    So which is your favourite? I’m loving the sound of Zambia and Mauritius. %Wedding IdeasHoneymoons   Top Safari and Beach Combos Thankyou to The Luxury Safari Company for their fab advice.

    Easter Wedding Ideas – Rainbow Brights and Chocolate Delight

    Never saw you look quite so pretty before, never saw you dressed quite so lovely what’s more I could hardly wait to keep our date this lovely Easter morning. And my heart beat fast as I came through the door, for in your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade…..

    %Wedding IdeasEaster Wedding Ideas   Rainbow Brights and Chocolate Delight

    Easter… shedloads of chocolate for all ages, Easter egg hunts, hot cross buns, Easter bonnet parades, daffodils, Springtime and a fabulous time for a wedding. The gorgeous Victoria and Ste were married Easter weekend and I adore their wedding theme so much that I thought I’d create an Easter Lookbook from their special day.  

    %Wedding IdeasEaster Wedding Ideas   Rainbow Brights and Chocolate Delight

    So if you are getting married at Easter or are a big fan of colour-this is the wedding for you. Victoria and Ste settled on a rainbow bright colour scheme, fuschia pink, lime green and royal blue. Sounds wrong doesn’t it? But I think it looks completely fabulous.

    %Wedding IdeasEaster Wedding Ideas   Rainbow Brights and Chocolate Delight

    %Wedding IdeasEaster Wedding Ideas   Rainbow Brights and Chocolate Delight

    %Wedding IdeasEaster Wedding Ideas   Rainbow Brights and Chocolate Delight

    %Wedding IdeasEaster Wedding Ideas   Rainbow Brights and Chocolate Delight

    Read more

    Wedding Evening Wear – Sassi Holford Style

    Are you having an ultra sophisticated evening wedding, black tie and ballgown style? Is your wedding more diamonds and champagne, rather than bunting and tulle? Then Sassi Holford’s new evening wear range may suit your guests or bridesmaids perfectly.

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Evening Wear   Sassi Holford Style

    Multi award-winning Royal wedding gown designer Sassi Holford is branching out into exquisite occasion wear.  The range includes ‘Geneva’, a black lace dress worn over a nude satin underlay, at £2130 and ‘Venice”, an antique rose coloured sequin gown, at £1830.  Britain’s Got Talent success story Francine Lewis was one of the first to snap up one of Sassi’s designs.

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Evening Wear   Sassi Holford Style

    Sassi’s occasion wear collection is priced from £1500 and is available from her Chelsea boutique

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Evening Wear   Sassi Holford Style

    Sassi is excited at her new venture:  “It has long been an ambition to launch an evening wear range as so many clients wanted the opportunity to wear one of our gowns more frequently.  I’m really enjoying being able to open up creatively into a new area.”

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Evening Wear   Sassi Holford Style

    What do you think? Are you red carpet ready? I’d love to get my hands on Venice!

    Wedding Ceremony – Singing Vicar

    Now I have been to a LOT of weddings and surprisingly one of the biggest issues I have come across is dour, miserable or downright fascist vicars. Rude, abrupt, a painting by numbers, going through the motions approach to wedding ceremonies, they have spoiled many a wedding day BUT no and again you get a member of the clergy who go above and beyond their duties to become the highlight of the formalities to give brides and grooms a day to remember.

    Well this certainly was the case with today’s vicar, who could double as the evening’s entertainment. I love him and doesn’t he just love his time in the spotlight?

    Honeymoon Reading – Bad Bride Giveaway

    Today we are taking a break from wedding planning, but not weddings of course. At this busy and sometimes stressful time we all need to kick back with a bit of escapism, and what better way than with a good old saucy rom com novel. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the latest book by Rebecca Chance, Bad Brides, but before I tell you all about the book, I asked Rebecca’s a few questions about her novel, love, marriage and wedding planning…..

    Tell us a bit about your new book ‘Bad Brides’…

    It’s a racy romp as two very different heroines – an actress and a pageant princess – get engaged and compete to be “Style” magazine’s Bride of the Year! But between engagement and marriage a lot of drama and naughtiness can derail the best-made plans, especially when there’s a sexy cougar, the Fracking Queen in the mix, plus a gorgeous Earl and a very muscly pig farmer!

    %Wedding IdeasHoneymoon Reading   Bad Bride Giveaway

    Are you married yourself?

    Yes, I am, and generally very happy, though of course no marriage is perfect!

    What sort of bride were you?

    I was an intensely relaxed one about all the details and planning. The worst part was finding a wedding dress – I was living in New York at the time and it’s a terrifyingly thin city! I’m a happy UK size 12 but if you can’t fit into a US size 4 (UK size 8) bias-cut silk charmeuse slip dress there, you’re made to feel like an absolute heifer. Thank God for a lovely gay salesman at Bloomingdales Downtown who eventually found me a lovely white beaded dress that fit me and made me feel wonderful on my wedding day.

    So what exactly is a bad bride?

    Haha! Have you watched the US TV programme “Bridezillas”? For a Bridezilla, it’s all about her, and everyone else – groom, bridesmaids, relatives, friends – become her servants for the duration of the engagement-to-wedding process. In America, brides routinely expect several wedding showers with different themes and presents,  a destination hen weekend away, and then the costs of attending the wedding itself – hotel, dress, everything! It can cost the poor bridesmaids an absolute fortune and they can be expected to put their own lives on hold for a year or so – your holiday allowance becomes all about trips for the bride. To me, a ‘bad bride’ is someone who’s totally selfish about planning her wedding and doesn’t take anyone else’s wishes into account – including the groom’s! Milly in Bad Brides is a total Bridezilla. It’s all about her, all the time, and she drives the wedding planner and her maid of honour crazy.

    Do you think there is a lot of pressure on brides to be to throw a “unique” “quirky” & “extravagant” wedding?

    Yes! Such a nightmare! And such a waste of money and time if it’s not ‘you’. Besides, why should the poor bride have to shoulder the whole burden? I’m very lucky to have a metrosexual husband who really did get involved with lots of the planning for our ceremony, and actually downloaded a computer programme to work out how to do the seating plan for our wedding blessing, and that’s the way things should be nowadays – the responsibility shouldn’t just fall on the bride. When you get married, you’re creating a new life for the two of you as a couple, and I think ideally the bride and groom should work together to make the ceremony about them and their joint life together – forget words like unique and quirky, they make me shudder. It should be about the two of you and your own taste.

    %Wedding IdeasHoneymoon Reading   Bad Bride Giveaway

    Do you have any favourite wedding anecdotes?

    About mine or other people’s? Mine is that my hippy-dippy maid of honour let me walk down the aisle without handing me my bouquet, so I started out, realised I was missing it, but by that time I couldn’t turn back to grab it! You really feel like a complete idiot walking towards your groom with your hands flapping, let me tell you. There’s a reason you hold a bouquet! For other people’s, I collected a lot of crazy stories for Bad Brides research and one of my favourites was the American couple who sent ‘invites’ to people telling them that they couldn’t invite them to the actual wedding, because there wasn’t room (!), but that they were throwing themselves a ‘wedding shower’ for presents. They did it in verse and added a gift registry:

    “Our wedding is coming but oh, what dismay.

     The venue is small on our big day!

     Though we can¹t squeeze you in during our special hour,

     Would you please come to our wedding shower?”

     A friend suggested people write back saying: 

    “Roses are red,

    and violets are blue.

    A set of Limoges crystal

    Won’t go to you.”

    %Wedding IdeasHoneymoon Reading   Bad Bride Giveaway

    What advice would you give to anyone planning their wedding?

    Allow yourself plenty of time. Don’t rush it, and be wary of companies that put huge mark-ups on their costs just because it’s a wedding. We had a dinner after the ceremony at an Italian restaurant in Marylebone, London, where my mother is a regular, and they treated us wonderfully and didn’t charge an arm and a leg. Make sure you and your partner are in agreement about your budget and your concept – this is a really good way of seeing how well you work together! And don’t stint on the honeymoon, or delay it – make sure that you have at least a few days straight afterwards somewhere lovely, peaceful and relaxed, where you have to make very few choices. You have so many decisions to make in the run-up to the ceremony that you should really be able to relax and chill out afterwards with no stress at all, and settle into your life as a new couple.

    Fab advice from Rebecca and I can tell you that her book is a must-read. Fast paced, razor sharp humour, bang on trend with references to gay marriage, full of filth, with a great story line full of strong female characters. People to love and hate, glamour, romance in all it’s forms for all ages and did I mention the filth? %Wedding IdeasHoneymoon Reading   Bad Bride Giveaway .

    A perfect honeymoon read, which is why Rebecca is offering 3 of you the chance to win a signed copy of Bad Brides. All you have to do is like Rebecca’s Facebook page and Love Me Love My Wedding’s Facebook page  and leave a comment just mentioning Bad Brides and Love Me Love My Wedding and the draw will take place on Monday.

    Good luck everyone!

    %Wedding IdeasHoneymoon Reading   Bad Bride Giveaway