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    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings

    The wedding ring is a symbol of love, trust. Commitment, togetherness and loyalty. It is not just a beautiful accessory that has to be worn temporarily; it is a ring that has to be worn all through the life, to cherish and celebrate the beautiful ceremony of marriage. A marriage brings together two souls, two minds and two bodies. The wedding ring is the one of the very first things that helps two individuals to come together forever. Since a wedding ring is an item to be treasured for life, in this particular article we will look at some of the features of a ring that would help you decide on your wedding ring.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings gold rings inside each other

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings

    • Who should choose the wedding ring?

    Sometimes, men like to choose the ring themselves. It is good to keep the surprise in place, but mostly women prefer to choose their own ring. The advantage of letting the woman choose her ring is that she can have exactly what she wants. She is the one who is going to wear it daily, so it is good to let her choose her own ring. Her choice of colour, metal and the shape and style of diamond. The disadvantage of letting her choose could be a straight drift from the budget of the wedding ring. According to statistical reports, in 60 percentage of cases, women choose their own ring.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings gold rings inside each other gold ring on dictionary

    • Features of a perfect wedding ring:

    The look of the ring is very important as it helps in creating the first impact. If your partner likes the ring then the rest of the steps in the wedding ceremony can be easily dealt with. However, while choosing the most beautiful ring, it is important to understand that this piece of accessory is not for rare use, instead, it is a piece of metal that has to be used every day. Hence, two things have to be kept in mind, the comfort and the maintenance. The ring should not hurt the finger or the skin. And the ring should be able to be maintained easily and kept free from dirt and destruction.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings beyonce engagement ring for love me love my wedding

    • Types of rings :

    One can choose from the vast collection of the most elegant selection of diamond wedding rings in Brisbane. The wedding ring could be made up of gold, white, gold, platinum or any other choice of metal. There could be a single solid diamond in the centre or multiple pieces of diamonds set all over the ring. Some people like simple rings with a single stone, some other go for heavily studded diamond rings.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings uncut diamond wedding ring for love me love my weddng

    There are ample options of customising the wedding ring in the market these days. The shape and size of the diamonds could be made to vary in the ring setting. Few women prefer not to choose the contemporary round shaped stones and go for square shaped diamonds. Go out and choose the best wedding ring for your special day.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings princess cut diamond for love me love my wedding

    Unusual Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

    unusual ways to display your wedding photos bride groom church for love me love my wedding

    So you’ve decided you are just getting your wedding images on a disc.You don’t want a formal wedding album that you think will just gather dust up in the loft, so what will you do with that disc? Are you going to leave it neglected in a drawer or are you planning on getting creative and displaying your

    Well today I have a few ideas on how you can use those digital images, so that they are not just left languishing on your laptop.

    Unusual Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

    Thankyou cards

    The most obvious way to utilise your favourite wedding image. It’s a lovely way of thanking your guests for their part in your big day using an image that is special to you.

    unusual ways to display your wedding photos bride groom laughing for love me love my wedding

    Read more

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    Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Man’s Wedding Ring

    If you are wondering how you are ever going to pick out your husband-to-be’s wedding ring, don’t be afraid; you are not alone! Finding the one doesn’t have to be an intense or stressful search. However, it does need to be thoughtful. When ring shopping for your man, there are certain things you need to consider.

    Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Man’s Wedding Ring

    The wedding ring has been around since the dawn of human history but it’s not until more recently the man was traditionally given a ring. It came about from the times when soldiers were given them as a way to remember their wives when sent to war. It could also be to remember other commitments if sent away for years and give him more strength to continue fighting.

    Buying a Man's Wedding Ring rings on stationery

    Coming from an interesting history, the man’s wedding band is just as important today as it was back then.  If you are currently on the hunt for your other half’s wedding ring, check out these elegant men’s wedding bands.

    Buying a Man's Wedding Ring hands

    It helps when you go somewhere which has a wide range of choice and their experts highly suggest going for comfort when choosing a man’s wedding band. We will discuss this amongst other things when looking at what to keep in mind when buying his wedding ring.

    • Consider his lifestyle: Whilst the number one may be design and appearance for the ladies, it is more so comfort for the men. Even though how comfortable the ring fits is generally important for everyone, men tend to give more significance to this aspect. This may be due to his work, love of sports or just personal preferences. Either way, it’s important to consider the lifestyle of your other half or if it fits well with the ring you had in mind.

    This moves us on nicely to the next consideration, the metal of the ring. Men may not want fancy diamonds, settings or bands but they will want you to have considered the material. You can get several for male rings with some of the most popular being: platinum, gold, silver, titanium and tungsten. Higher carat gold rings will last longer and hold their shine more than lower carat. They are also great for the hands-on man who is always on the go as they can weather a bit more man-handling then the usual ring. Even though silver is cheaper, it doesn’t last as long whereas titanium is extremely strong.

    Buying a Man's Wedding Ring patterned ring  

    • Ensure you think about his personality: Choosing a ring that reflects the sort of person he is can make lots of different in your final choice. Think about whether he’s a fairly simple dude or if he prefers something more lavish and different?

    Some options may be going for something two-toned to add a hint of uniqueness, or a satin finish, maybe even a texture or woven pattern. You can see a collection of wedding bands in Melbourne that’s perfect for you at Simon West.  They have a surprising amount of varied designs you can choose from when it comes to men’s wedding bands.

    Buying a Man's Wedding Ring ring near wicker basket

    Considering these elements when buying a man’s wedding ring will really help you gain some insight and help you choose the perfect one.

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    5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    Ever since people began to converse with each other, superstitions have been created about almost every facet of life, including weddings. The old English rhyme of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” outlines one of the best known wedding traditions.  The fact that brides still gather these four objects together to avoid unhappy and ill-fated marriages is so common that we don’t question the practice nor call it what it is: a superstition.

    Wedding jewellery has had its own share of ominous and sometimes wacky beliefs assigned to it.  For example, even where and how jewellery is worn can be based upon very old traditions that have long since been proven false.  For centuries, folks wore their wedding rings on their ring fingers because they thought that 4th digit on the left hand contained a vein that went straight to the heart.  Most of us know that this isn’t true, just like we know the rest of these traditions are not true.  But we still follow them!

    Read on for some of the most common superstitions in our modern weddings.

    5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    1. If it’s Not Your Birthstone, Don’t Wear It

    Even if it’s not your wedding, it’s supposedly bad luck to wear a birthstone that is not yours. Consider this along with the fact that the birthstone for April is the most common stone associated with weddings—the diamond.  So if this is true, everyone who wears a diamond will have bad luck. And advising against diamonds could also cause problems with the next wedding superstition.

      5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    1. Diamonds Instead of Pearls, Always

    Although the origin of this tradition is fuzzy, it’s been around for a very long time.  There is a persistent believe that pearls symbolize tears, so they shouldn’t be used in wedding jewellery.  According to tradition, the pearls represent the future tears from unhappy marriage.  This superstition gives us one more reason why diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

      5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    1. Don’t Give a Watch as a Wedding Gift

    In some European cultures, a watch that is received as a gift can symbolize the limited amount of time in the relationship.  The meaning is even more menacing in Chinese.  Apparently the words for timepiece sound almost the same as the Chinese word for going to a funeral.  Add the implication of limited time to the concept of death and you have a no-brainer for not giving a watch as a wedding gift.

      5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    1. Silver Brings Good Mojo

    The wearing of silver earrings once meant that evil spirits could not enter the body of the wearer.  Wearing a simple pair of silver hoops on your wedding day will make you safe from ghosts as well as add a touch of elegance to your wedding ensemble.

      5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    1. Leave the Engagement Ring On

    If you have your engagement ring on before the wedding ceremony, don’t take it off. If a woman takes the engagement ring off before the ceremony, it means that the wedding may not occur.  Leaving the ring on your finger means that your marriage will not only happen as planned, it will also be long-lasting.

    5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    Remember that superstitions are only as true as you make them.  Bringing your own special joy to your own special day is the best way to create your own new special type of wedding tradition.

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    Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring as Unique as Your Girlfriend

    This post is aimed at all the blokes out there, or can be subtly put under the nose of your other half, if you want to drop a major hint.

    Chances are high that your girlfriend is a pretty unique person with her own distinctive quirks and personality traits that make her especially endearing to you. If you’re planning to propose marriage and create a shared future together it really is worth thinking about the type of diamond engagement ring that would suit her best.

    Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring as Unique as Your Girlfriend rings on poem

    Girls aren’t all the same and neither are diamond rings. If you can figure out the kind of engagement ring that really matches her style, her appreciation and respect for you will go through the roof. This is a major decision you’ll definitely want to flow as smoothly as possible.

    • Looking for Clues

     Although it may seem difficult at first, once you start looking more closely for clues there are many ways to tell what type of engagement ring would tick all the right boxes for your girlfriend. You need to play super sleuth and release your inner detective by observing certain details about her and her environment.

    • What Other Jewellery Does She Like?

     Check out her jewellery and see what themes you notice. Is it elegant and understated or kind of boisterous and over the top. Does she wear chunky, over-sized jewellery with big stones or is it more slender, dainty and antique looking? Does she prefer to wear gold, silver or some other type of metal?

    Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring as Unique as Your Girlfriend bracelet and watch

    Gold comes in a variety of colours; but if your girl doesn’t wear it, there are other precious metals such as platinum that engagement rings can be fashioned from.

    • Clothing Style

     Paying attention to your lady’s fashion sense can also help you understand the type of jewellery she is likely to be attracted to. How does she tend to dress, both for work and in her leisure time? Is she conservative, traditional, business-like or corporate in her style?

    Perhaps she likes natural fibres and earthy, sensual clothes that float and flow. Or is she more playful, provocative, fiery and boisterous in her manner of dress? Are her colours vivid and bright, muted beige and greys or flowery pastels?

    Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring as Unique as Your Girlfriend boho fashion

    Believe it or not, all of these things can help you identify the style of jewellery that would complement her general way of expressing herself in the world on multiple levels.

    Simple Suggestions

    Trawl through some of her favourite photos and notice what she has on in terms of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Take some photos of the jewellery she commonly wears along to a jeweller and their expert eye will be sure to notice common themes developing. You can also see custom diamond rings at www.diamondsforless.ca.

    Ask her best girlfriend, in the strictest confidence, about the kind of jewellery your girl is attracted to. It may be cliché but women generally know these things about each other. They’ll have engaged and married friends or co-workers and likely repeatedly discussed the specific types of rings they received.

    Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring as Unique as Your Girlfriend friends laughing

    Gossip and fashion magazines are full of articles about jewellery with photographs to boot. At the very least they would have pointed some of these images out to each other and you’ll probably hit pay dirt if you can get her girlfriend to open up to you.

    Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring as Unique as Your Girlfriend celebrity engagement ring

    When it comes right down to it, your lady will undoubtedly be over the moon that you’ve asked her to marry you. Finding the right type of engagement ring to suit her style will be the icing on the cake.

    If you feel like you’ve gotten it completely wrong, many jewellers allow for returns with minimal fuss and conditions. Do your best, trust your instincts and good things will surely follow.

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