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    5 Ways to Wear Bridal Pearl Jewellery on Your Wedding Day

    Despite all superstitions, modern brides do wear pearls on their wedding day. Are pearls still considered a harbinger of tears and sorrow, or are they a statement of class, taste and eternal graceful beauty? Beyond old urban myths and legends, the mysterious lustre of a pearl shines through the ages, still being a must-have bridal accessory in our modern times.

     5 Ways to Wear Bridal Pearl Jewellery on Your Wedding Day

    Fashion-wise, pearls made a huge comeback on catwalks this year and bridal pearl jewelry was given new spins and designs. Pearls are timeless, forever wearable outside the wedding context, and transferable from generation to generation. Moreover, they will always be a versatile and surprising piece of jewellery no matter what you wear and when. So let’s see today five ways you can wear bridal pearl jewellery on your wedding day!

    1. The Simple Classic White Pearls Jewellery Set

    Conventional and forever stylish, a white pearl jewellery set comprising a necklace with pendant and a pair of earrings will make you look like a fairytale princess. Make sure you pick a high-quality pearl jewellery set with good lustre with the pearls having a reasonable size.

    Bridal Pearl Jewellery on Your Wedding Day laughing bride

    Post-Wedding Wear

    A classic simple pearl jewellery set can be worn in the next years in many ways and contexts. It is easily adaptable to a business outfit, a casual chic night out dress-up and any elegant attire for fancy parties or social events. You can style the necklace with diamond rondels and brooches, or create your own statement necklace by overlaying other metal chains, beads and stones necklaces as well.

    2. The Designer Pearl Jewellery Set

    If you think that pearl jewellery comes in simple pearl strings of various lengths, you should take a look at the more contemporary high-fashion designs. Pearls make magnificent gems in intricate chokers featuring crystals, diamonds, precious metals and colored precious stones. You can wear a modern, exquisitely elegant bridal pearl jewellery set in a sophisticated designer setting and be a true queen.

    Bridal Pearl Jewellery on Your Wedding Day designer necklace

    Post-Wedding Wear

    Such a complex and shimmering necklace should be reserved for special occasions. It will forever compliment your neckline and your little black dress, no matter you attend a high-end event or an opera premiere.

    3. The Multi-Strand Bridal Pearl Bracelet

    You can buy a multi-strand pearl bracelet to spice up your wedding outfit, or you can wrap your wrist in a simple rope pearl necklace to achieve a more glamorous effect. A pearl bracelet can be styled further with pearl jewellery (we are looking at your pearl engagement ring), but also worn as a stand alone accent piece.

    Bridal Pearl Jewellery on Your Wedding Day woodland bride

    Post-Wedding Wear

    Just like a simple classic pearl necklace, a pearl bracelet (multi-strand or not) can be styled in various ways: you can mix it with other bracelets and get an edgier boho look or wear it as is in a combination of casual chic, office and even street-smart outfits.

    4. The Statement Black – White Pearls Combination

    Nobody said you should only wear white pearls on your wedding day. A black pearl bracelet mixed with a white one is unconventional, edgy, highly original and tasteful. If you are that type of bride that doesn’t follow all conventions and gets outside of the box, a black pearl bracelet might be the exact amount of novelty you were looking for to express your powerful personality.

    Bridal Pearl Jewellery on Your Wedding Day black and white pearl bracelet

     Post-Wedding Wear

    Black pearls are rare, precious and elegant, so you are able to wear them to enhance and style up any casual, sporty or office outfit or to tone down a flashy, glam look. Like your little black dress, black pearls bracelets will take you everywhere without spending hours wondering what to wear at a charity ball or a downtown party.

    5. The Bohemian Pearl Head Piece

    Speaking of breaking conventions, you may be bohemian at heart and prefer a relaxed, simple and 60s-inspired wedding. You and your one might want to celebrate the best day of your lives in nature and not be bothered by fancy, rigid outfits. So if you go for flat sandals and translucent layered fabrics, a pearl head piece might be exactly what you need to express your romantic and bohemian side. Head jewellery is huge nowadays, and if you mix it in a boho, oriental-style manner, you will look perfect.

    Bridal Pearl Jewellery on Your Wedding Day draped pearl headpiece

    Jules Bridal Jewellery

     Post-Wedding Wear

    You might feel restricted in wearing pearl head pieces in everyday contexts, but you should give it a try. It might not go well with our power suit, but it will certainly turn you into a red carpet diva whenever you attend glamorous parties, artistic-centred social events, night-outs with the girls or your Las Vegas getaway.

    Would you wear pearls on your wedding day? What are your favorite pearl jewellery pieces?

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    Sinderella fold up Bridal Shoes

    Those fabulous wedding shoes may look amazing when you walk up the aisle but by the time your first dance comes around you may be staggering rather than strutting your funky stuff on the dance floor.

    This is where Sinderella fold up bridal shoes are an absolute must. I always take a pair to weddings for those brides whose Jimmy Choos are starting to pinch and a night out in heels is a no go without a pair of fold up shoes in my bag.

    Coming in a handy bag and small enough to tuck away in a smallish handbag, they make a welcome change from the barefoot walking I have done after many a night out and on many a wedding dance floor.

    With different styles to choose from, there is a pair to suit everyone. I was sent the New York gold and white ballerina flat to try out on our model, my daughter Olivia, a slightly reluctant bride at 14 but hey my wedding dress doesn’t fit me any more and she wanted pocket money :)

    Sinderella fold up bridal shoes

    Sinderella fold up bridal shoes bride They complimented the ivory wedding dress perfectly.

    Sinderella fold up bridal shoes bride's feet

    Still look stylish close up.

    Sinderella fold up bridal shoes gold and white shoes closeup on feet

    Love the gold metallic shimmer and the cute gold bow. It contrasts perfectly against the soft white of the rest of the shoe. Even my grumpy teen said they were comfy and “looked nice with the wedding dress”. High praise indeed!

    Sinderella fold up bridal shoes gold and white shoes closeup on veil

    Even the back of the shoes have gold detailing on the heels, so you don’t need to compromise style for comfort. You can see how easily they fold up as soon as you take them off.

    I love the Sinderella fold up bridal shoes and they are so cute I might be persuaded to dust my heels off, just so I have an excuse to show these off at the end of the night.


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    Reasons to Marry in London

    So you are looking for your perfect wedding venue. You want the wow factor, you want glamour, fun, sophistication, fabulous scenery and photo opportunities, history, convenience. These are just some of the reasons to marry in London. There are some truly fabulous wedding venues in Central London. Venues I walk past as a tourist and did not realise you could hire for your special day.

    Couples from all over the UK and the world choose London as their wedding venue of choice. So why?

    Reasons to Marry in London

    Show stopping venues

    Historic buildings, central location, gorgeous interiors. Central London venues have all this and more to offer. One Events specialise in central London weddings and have some cracking venues to offer.

    reasons to marry in London one mayfair wedding venue

    This beautiful Mayfair venue with dramatic balconies and pillars is a dream wedding venue.

    reasons to marry in London one marylebone wedding venue

    This fabulous Marylebone wedding venue with its warm wooden floors and elegant plasterwork and pillars is the epitome of sophistication.


    reasons to marry in London one horse guards wedding venue

    From daytime to evening, this light filled space at Horse Guards is a versatile elegant wedding choice.

    reasons to marry in London one embankment wedding venue

    reasons to marry in London one embankment wedding ceremony

    For an atmospheric wedding ceremony or dramatic evening wedding venue, Embankment would be hard to beat.

    The views

    reasons to marry in London London eye wedding

    Martin Beddall Photography

    Whichever direction you look, there are fabulous views across London, and if you go a little higher, then they are truly breathtaking.

    reasons to marry in London bride groom london eye thames

    Ron Lima Photography

    The History

    reasons to marry in London bride tower of london

    Where else could you be escorted to your wedding by the Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London. A real talking point for your guests and an unforgettable memory for you.

    reasons to marry in London bride red phonebox

    Could you get a more “London” image? A red phone box and the Houses of Parliamnet. Bliss.

    The tourists

    reasons to marry in London tourist photo bomb

    Catherine Barnes Photography

    You may have thought that all those pesky tourists would be a hindrance not an asset. Not when you can get hilarious wedding pics like this they’re not!

    So there you go. Just a few of the great reasons to marry in London. If you are planning your own London wedding please get in touch and share.



    Treating your Hands to a Home Manicure before the Big Day

    Between dress fittings, sending out your invitations and organising flower arrangements, preparing for a wedding can be an exciting yet hectic time. You may even find that you’re too busy to treat yourself to a professional manicure. Although your schedule may be jam packed up until your big day, there’s no reason why you should skip on treating your hands. So that your nails look stunning for the main event, follow our handy guide to learn how to treat your hands to a home manicure.

    Treating your Hands to a Home Manicure before the Big Day

    Get yourself the right tools

     So that you can give yourself the perfect at-home manicure, it helps if you’ve got the right tools to use. The basic essentials include nail polish remover, cotton wool pads, a nail file, a nail buffer, cuticle sticks, hand cream and a top and base polish, and you may also want to include your favourite coloured varnish. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert to use these products and it’s easy to access them from most beauty high street stores and online retailers such as www.lloydspharmacy.com. Once you have the correct tools in place, you should be fully prepared to start treating your hands.

       Treating your Hands to a Home Manicure bride holding mohito

    Prep your nails

    Begin by making sure your nails are completely clean by removing any existing polish using nail varnish remover and cotton wool pads. Then use a file to shape and trim them to the desired length. Next, use a nail buffer to smooth over the nail itself. This will give you a clean, level surface when you need to apply your polish, as well as getting rid of any stains.

      Treating your Hands to a Home Manicure closeup bridal gown engagement ring

    Care for your cuticles

    Now that your nails are clean, use a cuticle stick to push back your cuticles on each finger. Doing this will improve the shape of your nails and make them appear longer. You can also use this tool to clean underneath the nail to remove any built up dirt. Next, take a moisturising hand cream and massage this into your hands and nails.

      Treating your Hands to a Home Manicure bride holding bouquet

    Apply your polish

    Sweep a clear nail polish over each of your fingernails. This is called the base coat and it will create an even surface for applying colour. The base coat will also prevent the coloured varnish from staining.

    Now it’s time to apply your colour. Paint on a thin layer of polish, allow it to dry and then apply another coat. Professional manicurists will usually sweep the polish down the centre of the nail first and then fill in each side. Keeping the layers as thin as possible will help your manicure dry quicker and last longer.

     Next, apply a top coat. This should be clear and add a shine to your nails. If possible, choose a top coat product that is strengthening, or better still, use a product that is both a top coat and base coat rolled into one.

      Treating your Hands to a Home Manicure bride purple nails parasol

    Let your manicure dry

    Allow your nails to dry fully so that you don’t ruin your hard work. Most polishes are quick drying, so you probably won’t have to wait long before you can start enjoying your newly decorated fingernails. 

    Treating your Hands to a Home Manicure bride holding compact

    Giving yourself a manicure before your wedding could be much easier than you think. If you have the right tools and follow these handy instructions, you should be well on your way to achieving a beautiful manicure in the comfort of your own home.


    Why Should You Customise your Wedding Day

    Whether you choose to have a wedding that is traditional or outlandish, it’s always good to customise your big day in some form. After all, it is your wedding, and you want it to represent you as a couple as much as possible. So why should you customise your wedding day?

    why should you customise your wedding day vegas stationery

    Why Should You Customise your Wedding Day

    Alternative venues are exciting

    Today, venues associated with entertainment or sports are trendy choices for many couples to customise their wedding day. For example, Durham County Cricket Club is a very popular hosting venue, and offers a wide range of facilities which will allow you to find what you’re looking for. Ultimately, a break from the norm or the expected can be very exciting, and the right venue will tie your wedding theme together.

    why should you customise your wedding day durham county cricket club wedding

    It gives your wedding an edge

    A wedding that is customised gives your big day an edge, and is potentially very exciting and memorable for you and your guests. For more ideas on how you can customise your special day, check out this great guide from Hitched.

    why should you customise your wedding day my fair lady

    A customised wedding gives you more control

    It’s always interesting to put your own spin on things. Customising your wedding allows you to be prepared for if anything goes wrong, which ultimately gives you more control over your special day. So, whilst it might seem like added stress to begin with, a customised wedding could actually reduce some pre-wedding anxiety.

    why should you customise your wedding day summer flowers wedding theme

    You’ll have fun regardless!

    It’s your wedding day! Everything will fall into place by the time the big day arrives. The most important thing is not just enjoy the day itself, but the days leading up to it. It’s important that planning is exciting. To make sure that your excitement isn’t lost at any point of planning, pick up something that is going to remind you that your special day is getting closer, such as this personalised countdown calendar from notonthehighstreet.

    why should you customise your wedding day customised wedding calendar

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