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    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

    Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you will make during your lifetime. But before you can worry about actually popping the big question, you have to go through the stressful ring buying process.

    While you can read all about the four Cs, you probably have loads of questions about where to start. Fear not, here are all the answers that you need to find the perfect engagement ring.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

    Can I Get Help?

    Of course you can! Buying an engagement ring can be a mammoth and daunting task, but you do not have to do it all on your own. Read and research online before you go shopping, so that you know what you can get for your budget and you are familiar with styles and settings. You could also ask your partner’s friends to come along with you, because a second opinion always helps.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring ring on hand with flower

    How Much Should I Spend?

    In days gone by, the amount spent on an engagement ring should have been equivalent to two or three months wages. Nowadays, this has reduced to around one month. However, it is also important to remember that every couple is different and it comes down to styles and preferences, as well as how much cash you have to spend. However, if you want to buy a traditional diamond engagement ring (like these from F Hinds) it will hurt your bank balance.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring sapphire ring

    How do I Find Out Ring Size?

    Before you can buy a ring, you need to know size. Please, whatever you do, do not guess it. There are ways of finding out ring size without letting the cat out the bag, it just takes a little bit of stealth. The easiest way is to take one of their rings with you to the jewellers, or, if they are likely to notice it has gone missing, try it on your finger and mark where it falls. Alternatively, you could trace the ring on a piece of paper, or use string to measure their ring finger while they sleep.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring closeup bridal gown engagement ring

    Will they Like it?

    When you go ring shopping, it can all too easy to buy a ring that you like, but remember, you will not be wearing it. To get a ring they will adore, consider who you are buying it for. Ask yourself: what kind of jewellery do they normally wear? Are they jeans a t-shirt kind of person or all about expensive designer brands? If you find yourself really stuck, take an online engagement ring quiz to help you narrow down your choices.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring Young man proposing to a woman.

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    Winter Weddings – Black and Gold Decadence

    black and gold decadence wedding decor, white flowers candlebras for love me love my wedding

    black and gold decadence bride bridesmaid gown purple tulips for love me love my wedding

    black and gold decadence bride long sleeved gown for love me love my wedding

    winter wedding - black and gold decadence bridesmaid on chair black dress for love me love my wedding

    So today I am featuring even more beautiful festive bridal inspiration. Today we have some gorgeous black and gold decadence wedding inspiration with splashes of red and purple. There’s nothing gloomy about this theme. It’s all about sheer unadulterated glamour and luxury. Created exclusively for Love Me Love My Wedding, a talented team of North West wedding suppliers went to town to bring you some winter wedding wonder. 

    Winter Wedding – Black and Gold Decadence Read more

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    Wedding Planning – Preparing for your wedding

    Getting married is about the most important decisions you will make in your life, and with it comes the responsibility of many other decisions, such as when and where, who to invite and countless other things down to décor and wedding favours.

    Whilst there are many different things to prepare, we have created a short checklist of things you can do in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day. The elopement weddings have become popular in recent years, and these usually have a very short planning period. However, there are still things that can be considered when planning this type of wedding.

    Preparing for Your Wedding

    Plan your budget

    This is probably one of the most important elements of planning a wedding, since it is what will dictate the type of wedding you can have. Whether it is a modest, low key affair or something a little flashier, you will need to allocate fund to different areas, such as venue hire. Once the venue has been hired, you will still need to think about some finer details.

    Preparing for your wedding Swinton Park Golf Club

    Choose your tunes

    You and your partner may not always agree on music taste. Or you will hopefully have a song that reminds you of each other – ‘your song’. Whatever the case, think about what music you’d like to have played and how you will get it played! What will be your first dance, and what will the entertainment music be like?

    Preparing for your wedding first dance

    Image by McAvoy Wedding Photography

    Finalise the food and flowers

    Whether you’ve been planning this for months or just days, you will need to know where and what you and your guests are going to be eating. To a degree, this element is dictated by budget, and also by personal taste. If you and your friends are big fans of pie and ale, then there is no reason this won’t be your theme for food and drink.

    Preparing for your wedding wedding buffet

    Wedding favours

    It’s become customary for the happy couple to thank their guests by way of wedding favours. This is something to commemorate your special day and can range from monogrammed stationary to these personalised miniatures.

    Preparing for your wedding personalised miniatures

    Finalise photography

    You should have already booked a photographer as soon as you knew what date the wedding was set for. If you have opted for an elopement wedding, the venue providers should have some good contacts for photographers in the area. Make sure you talk through the type of shots you are looking for, so everyone knows what to work towards.

    Preparing for your wedding bride upturned row boat for love me love my wedding

    Image by Weekday Wedding Photos

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    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands

    So we have just had a post about choosing an engagement ring but what about wedding rings? Where did the tradition to exchange rings come from? What does it mean? How does it differ in different times and cultures? Today we are sharing a brief history of wedding bands, so some of these questions can be answered.

    Wedding rings are one of the most important and most universal parts of a marriage ceremony. This has been true across history as well. Marriage has changed a lot over the years, but wedding rings have been prominent for a long, long time.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands

    Ancient Times

    Some of the earliest known evidence for wedding rings comes from as long as 3,000 years ago. At this time, historians believe that the Ancient Egyptians were making wedding rings from materials such as reeds, help, and papyrus. These soon gave way to more durable materials such as bone and ivory. Later precious metals became common. At the same time, other ancient civilisations such as the Romans also started to adopt wedding rings.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands gold matching wedding rings Preview Changes

    Even as long ago as this, much of the symbolism associated with wedding rings would be recognisable to us today. The shape of the ring represented a love with no beginning and end, symbolising eternity. The hole was also seen as a symbol; a gateway into the couple’s new life of marriage.

    Through History

    Wedding rings have endured pretty consistently down the ages. In all the centuries between the Ancient Egyptians and the modern age, there have been relatively few major changes. Some times and places have given birth to their own little twists on the tradition. For example, in many parts of sixteenth century Europe, husbands-to-be would give their fiancees a “Gimmel” ring – two gold rings that interlocked. This would be both engagement and wedding rings; the couple would wear one ring each until they were married, after which the wife would wear both together.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands gimmel ring

    Another reasonably major change happened during the renaissance. This was when it became particularly fashionable to wear rings with an inscription, either a line of poetry or some declaration of love. Such rings had existed before, but the renaissance was when they caught on in a way that sees them remain popular to this day.

    The Modern Age

    For a long time, wedding rings had been traditionally a plain band, or else a band with nothing more than an inscription. It was in the Victorian era that more ornate wedding rings with jewels and more elaborate shapes started to become popular. This trend continued into the twentieth century during the Art Deco period. This is an approach that has now come into fashion again, and wedding rings that are actually from these periods or simply made in the same style are becoming sought-after.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands diamond wedding band

    Another big change came in the 1940s. Traditionally, it had usually been only the woman who had worn a wedding ring. In the ’40s, however, the male wedding ring started to become popular and rapidly went from a novel idea to something that was (and still is) more or less the norm. Considering that one interpretation of the wedding ring had been a symbol of ownership, the change to both halves of the relationship wearing a ring instead of just the bride was perhaps a reflection of more enlightened times!

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands rings on a tray

    Author Bio
    Jollys Jewellers are a family run jewellery business, established since the 1830s.

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    Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring

    You’ve met the girl of your dreams. Check. You’ve decided that you want to marry her. Check. You’ve gotten the nerve up to ask her parents for permission to marry their little girl as tradition is big in their family. Now comes the hard part. Finding a ring that will show her she’s as special as she makes you feel. These tips will guide you through the process so you’ll pick a ring she’ll treasure for years to come.

    Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring

    Begin by establishing your ring budget. Keep in mind that the old spend two to three months’ salary on a ring is outdated and you should spend whatever you can realistically afford.

    • Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring I do
    • Figure out her ring style and size. This may be as easy as looking in her jewellery box and looking at other rings, or it may take more digging. Sometimes, you may need to delve deeper and ask her friends or her sisters. Maybe see if she’s got ideas of rings saved on like a Pinterest board. Check in the jewellery box again to bring one of her rings with you to the jeweller to guarantee you’ll get the right size. Try to pick one she doesn’t wear often so she won’t notice that it’s missing. Ringleaders offer a diverse and unique engagement rings collection. They can help you with the ring size and give tips on the right style.

    EEverything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring round fiance's back

    The 4 Cs

    • Pay attention to the 4 C’s when selecting a diamond. They play in to the quality of the diamond and the cost of the diamond. It’s possible to buy a slightly smaller carat weight but a higher quality cut diamond that shines brilliantly. Pay close attention to the clarity as well, You want to try and find one with very slight imperfections or slight imperfections as you can’t see them by the naked eye and it’s still affordable. Lastly, try to find a diamond in the F to H category on the colour scale as they are near colourless but mainly affordable.
    • Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring pear shaped diamond ring
    • Select a metal band. Does she prefer the classic yellow gold look or does she like the more modern look of white gold or platinum? In addition, platinum is sturdier than gold and is hypo-allergenic so it will work with various situations.
    • Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring pink diamond ring on hand
    • Pick out the ring setting and design. You have many options from a simple solitaire in a Tiffany setting to a halo setting with pave band and its encircling diamonds.

      Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring JamesAllenPlatinumpavetensionsetting

      Custom Designed Rings

    • Consider custom design as it allows you to select all of her favourites. It also ensures you pick a ring that symbolise the special relationship that you and your significant other share. You’re not limited to pre-made rings, and you can opt to mix metals or add her birth stone along with some diamonds. Custom engagement rings also work better with your budget, as you can add which details are important to her and that’s it.
    • why buy an antique engagement ring rose gold ring

    Read more

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