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    UK's favourite wedding photo booth hire nationwide. Features include SLOW-MO, Facial Recognition, Marryoke, Green Screen + much more.. FULL customisation to your special day is available!

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    Apollo Soul are a leading wedding band who provide premier live entertainment and music for your special day, make sure it's one to remember.

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  • Honeymoon Survival Kit

    So you’ve planned your honeymoon -the perfect resort, the perfect time of year in the perfect location. Now how do you make the most of your time there? You’ll be needing a honeymoon survival kit. All those essentials to ensure your dream honeymoon becomes a reality. Here are my top five honeymoon survival tips

    Honeymoon Survival Kit

    Research your destination

    Get online before you go and check out the local sights, tourist hot spots, food and drink specialities to make the most of your dream trip.

    The right wardrobe

    Might seem obvious but I have seen couples struggling SOOOO many times because they packed the wrong gear. Planning a romantic trip to Rome? Strappy sandals will not cut it. It’s trainers all the way. Those ancient floors are murder on your feet. Check if the nights are much cooler and pack a cardigan if they are.

    honeymoon survival kit roman ruins for love me love my wedding

    Bug repellent

    Planning a tropical honeymoon? They usually come with you very own complimentary bug contingent so go equipped with bug sprays and even plug in repellents to ensure you’re not itching your way through your hol. If you don’t want to smell of nasty chemicals, why not try a natural repellent containing essential oils.Brand new beauty company, Pureza, make gorgeous 100% natural body creams and have a bug repellent formula that smells divine.

    honeymoon survival kit pureza bug repellent body cream for love me love my wedding

    Packing in style

    Why not request new luggage on your wedding gift list? Start your new life together with new bags instead of the battered things you’ve been hauling around since Ibiza with the girls 10 years ago. Even better invest in some fab new accessories to make holiday living even better. I love this wash me wear me embroidered bag from Handpicked Collection that has 2 separate compartments for storing your clean and dirty undies.

    honeymoon survival kit wash e wear me bag for love me love my wedding

    Also by Handpicked Collection are these lovely makeup and toiletry bags. LOVE the dragonfly bag, which ties in very nicely to this week’s dragonfly wedding inspiration.

    honeymoon survival kit dragonfly makeup bag for love me love my wedding honeymoon survival kit grebe toiletry bag for love me love my wedding

    A Good Holiday Read

    if you have a long flight or are planning a lazy few days on the beach, then a good book is a must to relax after the wedding madness. I read literally anything that is put in front of me but keep it lightish. I once took the History of the Balkan States with me on a holiday to Turkey. I think I managed half a chapter after a night on the cocktails. Never been opened since. I highly recommend anything by Milly Johnson, or if you want something a bit more mysterious, check out Wayward Pines by Blake Crouch. It’s just been made into a TV series starring Matt Dillon. A real page turner.

    honeymoon survival kit wayward pines for love me love my wedding

    So there are my top five entries into the honeymoon survival kit. Do you have any more to add? I’d love to hear from you.


    Wedding Themes – Dragonfly Inspiration

    Now I love dragonflies-I love their shape,their iridescent colours, their delicate wings-I love them! I think they make the perfect summer wedding theme-add a little or a lot and you can’t go wrong-see for yourself with today’s dragonfly ideas….

    Wedding Stationery

    Love these cut out dragonflies on this stationery by Timeless Paper Designs.

    And how pretty is this design by Momental Designs?

    Wedding Gowns

    Love, love, love this Collette Dinnigan wedding gown with dragonfly embellishment.

    Read more

    Choosing the Best Wine for Your Big Day

    So your big day is on the horizon and you’re ready to choose the wines. As your guests will be drinking wine throughout the day, as well as with food, you’ll want to pick one that works equally well on its own and with the wedding breakfast. This guide will help you with choosing the best wine for your big day so that your guests can enjoy the wedding tipples and you can worry more about having fun rather than whether everything is going to plan on your special day.

    choosing the best wine for your big day top table laughing for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Choosing the Best Wine for Your Big Day

    How to taste wine correctly

    You’ll want to show off and impress your friends and family with your expert knowledge. There are several steps involved in the art of tasting a wine. Firstly, hold your glass out against a tablecloth or sheet of paper to check for depth of colour and opacity. After this you’ll want to smell the wine; swirl it around to add some oxygen which will help to freshen up your vino. Place your nose into the glass and try to identify two scents. Lastly, you’ll want to taste it; take a small sip and swirl it around the palate, considering the weight of the wine before slowly sucking air in through your mouth to help you taste more.

    choosing the best wine for your big day red wine for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    choosing the best wine for your big day ice bucket for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    White wine

    Your wines must work throughout the day, both with the meal and during the reception. Your best bet is to opt for a crowd pleasing white; something that isn’t too ‘out there’. A good quality Chardonnay complements chicken, fish and pork. A Sauvignon Blanc will pleasantly contrast similar dishes, while Riesling works a treat with desserts.

    choosing the best wine for your big day guests chatting for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Red wine

    Remember that you’ll need to offer your guests a choice. It’s important to choose a red which will complement your meal. Barbera is a lighter wine which accompanies tomato dishes well and is also a fine tipple on its own. Meanwhile, Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium- to full-bodied wine, ideally suited to beef or lamb. Grenache is perfect with a nice game dish, and Merlot always goes well with roast chicken or duck.

    choosing the best wine for your big day wine food for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Sparkling wine

    Sparkling wine goes perfectly with any celebration, and is appropriate at the entrées or at the toasts. There’s a wide variety of fizz to choose from, including Prosecco, Cava and Champagne. If you prefer something fruity, you should opt for Prosecco, whereas Cava could be more ‘you’ if you want a drier finish and a lower price tag. You can really make the day memorable with some extra-special bubbly like Cristal Champagne. You can snag some great deals by the case, so it’s worth checking your local wine shop or looking online at places like Tesco Wine.

    choosing the best wine for your big day vintage bride wine for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    The above tips will help you select a set of wines which complement your special occasion, but another top tip is to head to a wine bar and ask to try different wines to get a feel for what you like. It’s also a great opportunity to consult with an expert.

    Planning A Cruise Wedding – Marriage at Sea

    Some plan a destination wedding while others want to tie the knot in their own backyard.  Alternatively, you can get married upon the open sea, planning a cruise wedding.  Popular cruise lines offer numerous plans and accommodations.  Whether you intend an intimate ceremony that involves just the two of you or want to bring all your family and friends to celebrate.

    Planning A Cruise Wedding

    Just The Two of You

    Rather than spend on a huge wedding, economical and private couples plan small ceremonies.  If you desire a wedding that involves just the two of you, take note that special accommodations may be factored into the price of the cruise trip.  Don’t assume that because you’re getting married, the crew and agency will provide decor, cake, etc.  Conversely, just because it will be the two of you, it doesn’t mean you can’t splurge.  Some big-name cruise lines can provide the most extravagant of weddings; all you have to do is ask.

    planning a cruise wedding bride groom sunset deck for love me love my wedding

    Magical Day Weddings

    Sharing with Friends and Family

    Many want friends and family to witness the special moment. However, asking some to come along could put them in an awkward financial situation, especially those who need to budget for tickets as well as your wedding gift.  Some cruise lines allow you to have the ceremony before the ship takes off, so you get the best of both worlds. Friends can witness the ceremony but won’t have to budget for cruise tickets.  Conversely, if a number of friends and family members are coming along, be sure to inquire about group packages and large-party discounts.

    planning a cruise wedding bridal party deck for love me love my wedding

    Wedding at Sea

    A limited number of cruise lines will host the services onboard. Most accommodate those who have gotten married onshore and want to celebrate aboard the vessel.  If you like the idea of getting married at a special destination, peruse Cunard’s World Cruise programme or ask a travel agent about getting married at particular ports of call.  A number of lines gladly celebrate the nuptials but do not encourage the presence of actual ceremonies.

    planning a cruise wedding wedding breakfast deck for love me love my wedding


    Choose Your Island

    Perhaps you would like your cruise to be more of a honeymoon excursion.  Plan ahead by reviewing where particular cruise lines can take you.  Getting married on an exotic island is a dream of many.  In addition to surfing through individual cruise sites, ask a travel agent about destinations that are popular wedding destinations.  Learn about the best times of year to tie the knot along with discount options, weather patterns, etc.  Also, be sure to coordinate your wedding within an appropriate time frame to ensure you get your passports in order.

    planning a cruise wedding bridal party beach for love me love my wedding

    Reasons to Marry at Sea

    Aside from the obvious reasons people opt to go on a cruise to vacation, popular cruise lines sometimes hire wedding planners due to the popularity of wedding cruises.  Aside from the gorgeous view and the fresh sea air, you’ll have access to people who provide insight to hundreds of couples each year.

    While traditional weddings necessitate a whole host of vendors, you can cut corners while sacrificing little on a cruise wedding.  For example, rather than hire a professional photographer who seeks beautiful backdrops for photos, you’ll have incredible views behind you. So rather than hire a professional, ask an experienced friend to take photos of you and spouse by the bow at sunset, dancing on the main deck, etc.

    planning a cruise wedding bridal party beach for love me love my wedding

    Root Weddings

    Michael Wilson is the Managing Director of Bolsover Cruise Club, a company his parents began in the late 1960’s, although it was originally known as Bolsover Travel. Michael is passionate about the business, taking interest in all aspects of it. Outside of his work, Michael likes holidays with his family, watching rugby and gardening.

    Controlling Wedding Costs

    So we all want the fairytale wedding. The perfect venue, the dream dress, the to die for decor BUT do we want the nightmare cost that can often go with that? Today we have a great infographic from Evolution Money on controlling wedding costs so that you can have your dream wedding without the costs spiraling out of control.

    Tips on venues, guest lists, and enlisting friends and family to help with the wedding must haves. Some you may absolutely not want to scrimp on, others -well you may save a packet. I for one would NEVER forego a photographer but wold happily not bother with favours and expensive invitations. It’s all a matter of priorities, but there are definitely ideas to help everyone.

    Controlling Wedding Costs

    Controlling wedding costs for love me love my wedding

    So there you have it. Would you utilise any of these money saving ideas for your wedding planning?

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