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  • Wedding Entertainment – Maroon 5 Wedding Crash

    Your wedding entertainment can make or break the atmosphere of your wedding. I have witnessed some truly awful wedding entertainment, resulting in me hiding in the toilets to get away from the racket, but have also seen some fabulous DJs and bands that have had the audience partying into the early hours. So here are just a few things to consider when choosing and booking your wedding entertainment.

    Decide on the ambience you are looking for from your wedding entertainment. Do you want chilled, party time, sophisticated, fun, wild, understated.You can then pick your entertainment AFTER that decision has been made. You may opt for different forms of entertainment at different parts of the day, so string quartet when canapes are being served, acoustic guitar during the ceremony and a swing band after the wedding breakfast.

    Make sure your venue is equipped for your chosen entertainment in terms of size, electricity output and acoustics. Some venues have a noise level limit, so that the sound system will trip if it reaches that limit.The last thing you want is for your entertainment to be abruptly stopped in this way. Also, you may want a 20-piece orchestra but if you only have a small room, then you may have to scale things back a bit.

    Whether you are having a string quartet, DJ, duo or full wedding band,make sure you have seen them live before you book them.

    The last thing you want is that they don’t live up to your expectations on your wedding day. Best to find out well in advance so you can make other arrangements.

    Today’s Friday film showcases just how a good wedding band can transform your wedding day into something truly memorable and entertaining for every one of your guests. Of course not everyone will be lucky enough to have maroon 5 crash your wedding party but with a little thought and forward planning you can ensure that your wedding entertainment gives you a night to remember….

    Wedding Accessories – Advice, Ideas and Tips from Rosie Willett Designs

    Today we are all about the glamour and sparkle courtesy of Rosie Willett Designs. After being battered by hail stone and wind causing me to abandon any chance of even walking down my drive, I could do with an injection of beauty and serenity. Rosie is the designer and creator of fabulous wedding tiaras, headpieces and wedding combs.I just love her designs, so i was delighted to be able to interview her for the blog to gain an insight into the woman behind Rosie Willett Designs.

    1         Why did you start your business?

    I designed a small collection of hair accessories during my time at university and it was suggested that they might appeal to brides.  I researched the market and found that, at the time,  most headwear available to brides was mass produced and very traditional in style.  I thought it was a shame that there was such limited choice and felt that I could offer something that was more stylish, special and better quality.  All of my headpieces are individually handmade in the finest quality materials, including Swarovski crystal, silk and French lace.

    Rosie Willett Designs Georgia wedding hair vine for Danny Jones wedding Love me Love My Wedding

    Georgia wedding vine Danny Jones wedding

    2         How would you describe your head dress style?

    Rosie Willett Designs caters for a variety of tastes and we believe that we can offer something to suit every bride.  Our styles include vintage jewelled side tiaras, bohemian forehead bands, delicate hair vines, pretty combs, classic tiaras and romantic floral headpieces.  Brides choose our headpieces because they are stylish and well made.

    3         What are your 5 favourite designs?

    My personal favourites tend to be the vintage and bohemian styles.  I love the delicate Georgia and Dawn hair vines, which can be worn on the forehead or further back in the hair.  Willow is a beautiful vintage style comb and Anna is a romantic floral side tiara with delicate strands of crystal and pearl that sweep across the top of the head.  Laurel is a classic yet fashionable tiara that was inspired by Lady Mary’s tiara on Downton Abbey.

    Rosie Willett Designs Laurel Wedding tiara for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Laurel Wedding tiara

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    Wedding Planning – How to Plan Your Perfect Proposal

    A proposal of marriage is as important a moment as the wedding day itself. It’s the moment when you tell your partner that your love for them is so great that you want – no – need to spend the rest of your life with them. You want the perfect proposal so that it brings back cherished memories forever.

    Ultimately a great deal of planning needs to go into the wedding itself, but how much thought have you given to the other big day – the one where you propose?

    Unless you and your partner both love doing things on the spur of the moment, you’ll want to give a lot of thought to how you’ll do it. After all, it is a moment that you will both treasure and reminisce about for many years to come.

    The perfect proposal plan

    McAvoy Photography perfect proposal kissing couple silhouette for Love me Love My Wedding

     The secret to an amazing, memorable or perfect marriage proposal is all in the planning and for that, you’ll need to think about the most important factors – namely, the venue, the ring, music and words, family and friends. Sit down and think about what means the most to your partner and what would make the moment as special for them as it could possibly be.

    The venue

    If you’re stuck for ideas there are lots to choose from. Scotland, for example, has some of the most stunning locations in the world. Maybe you could return to the place where you had your first date, have a horse drawn carriage ride on a beautiful day, take a boat trip on a beautiful Scottish loch or around one of its many islands. How about a walk along a beach, where your partner finds your proposal as a message in a bottle or written in the sand?

    Beach perfect  proposal for Love me Love My wedding

    Scottish Highland perfect proposal for Love Me Love My Wedding

    After a romantic meal is another time to propose, with the ring arriving with the pudding, or in a beautiful fairytale castle – guaranteed to put some real magic into your moment. And, if you’re a couple who like to keep active, maybe you could arrange a treasure hunt somewhere beautiful, with the ring as the final prize?

    Read more


    Wedding Menswear – Men In Kilts

    Now I’m not going to surprise many people here by joining the legions of woman who like to perv over men in kilts. I can’t really explain why. Is it the sight of a pair of hairy knees, with a tantalising glimpse of chunky thigh, accentuated by knee high socks? Well if that’s what floats your boat then why don’t we get all giggly about a man in Bermuda shorts, socks and sandals? Is it the thought of what lies beneath the kilt? Do women really want to see men’s dangly bits that much? I can’t explain it but the good news is Highland wear is bang on trend and in some areas of England, such as Manchester, London, Leicester and Sheffield out-do their Scottish counterparts in the kilt wearing stakes.
    A McAvoy Photography image of wedding groomsmen in kilts for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    So as wedding season official hits the UK high street, with the second week in January confirmed as bringing a 500% increase in groom suit bookings, Young’s Hire, the UK’s largest formal wear company has revealed their stats on men in kilts for us to enjoy. Of course I’ll be throwing in a few images to drool over as we read….. 

     Young’s sales data has revealed that traditional highland wear is set to take centre stage during 2015. Donning a kilt and sporran has always been seen as a statement of true Scottish identity, however new data from Young’s Hire has revealed that, incredibly, there are more proud Scots in England than in Scotland when it comes to selecting traditional Scottish dress.

    Young’s Hire analysed more than 400,000 garment hires during the last 12 months and revealed some fascinating trends when it comes to men and their formal outfits.

    Grey tailcoat wedding menswear for Love me Love My Wedding

    Youngs Hire slate tailcoat

    A whole host of English cities saw more tartan rentals than their Scottish counterparts in 2014, with London (21%), Leicester (12%), Manchester (10%) and Sheffield (10%) all topping Dundee (9%). Surprisingly Aberdeen accounted for just two percent of the UK’s highland wear hires – ranking well below Liverpool (6%), Bristol (6%), Newcastle (4%), and Cardiff (3%).

     When it comes to tartan trends this winter, Grey Granite continues its tradition as a long standing favourite, with the most popular often generating upwards of 30% of total sales. A close second, and a pattern that shows real national pride is the Pride of Scotland check, which racks up 23% of sales at this time of year.

    men in kilts for Love me Love my Wedding

    Youngs grey Granite Highland wear

    Chris Burns, at Young’s Hire, comments: “It’s always fascinating to take a more holistic look at the formalwear trends around the UK, and it’s great to see that although people are really broadening their horizons when it comes to suiting-up for a special occasion, the traditional items like a top hat and tailcoat are still proving very popular. It’s great that traditional Scottish highland wear is still going strong and is growing in popularity across England.”

    When accessorising with highland wear, cravats remain the top neckpiece accessory, and when it comes to trends this winter, Ivory’s 15% leads the way, closely trailed by light pink and silver on 9%.

    Dressing in a kilt for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    When it comes to the traditional ‘top hat and tails’ at weddings, the North/South divide has never been more apparent, with London topping the charts when going all out to impress, accounting for more than 10% of the total top hat rentals. The people of Essex (6%) and Berkshire (5%) also opted for elegant tradition when it comes to dressing for their special day.

    Top hat and red shoes for Love me Love my Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Northern cities on the other hand, tend to avoid donning their ‘best bib and tucker’ when heading to weddings and other formal functions, with Newcastle accounting for a measly 0.014% of all top hat rentals, Manchester (1%) and Leeds (2%).

    So are you having a Highland fling of a wedding? Please send pics-we’d love to see more men in kilts :)

    Wedding Planning – Typical British Wedding

    So what IS a typical British wedding? What’s the difference between a British wedding and an American wedding? Are you unknowingly adopting wedding traditions from other countries? How much does a typical British wedding cost?  What sort of venue are us Brits most like to choose? Today we have a fab infographic from Libra Photographic to help with your wedding planning.

    Typical British Wedding infographic for Love Me Love My Wedding

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