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  • Advantages of a Country Wedding Venue

    When you get married, you want your day to be memorable and for the day to be perfect. It takes a lot of time and research to achieve this. However, thousands of couples pull this off and you can too.

    The first step to organising a successful wedding is to decide on the look and feel you are after and find a venue that will allow you to hold a wedding like that. If you want a small intimate wedding, a huge venue is not going to fit the bill. Likewise, it is practically impossible to create a ‘Gone with the Wind’ feel if you get married in a modern venue. The right venue makes a huge difference to whether you can create the ambience you want for your wedding celebrations.

    Country or urban

    Another important decision is whether you hold the reception in a country or urban location. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of venue, but for the most part country venues are a better option. Here is why:

    Advantages of a country wedding venue

    Plenty of space

     The biggest advantage with country venues is that there is always plenty of space. This means that you do not have to worry about where everyone is going to park or whether there is space for the young guests to play outside.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue country games children for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    No need to worry about the neighbours

     Because these venues are usually set in their own grounds, there is no need to worry about disturbing the neighbours. In many urban venues, the reception has to end by a certain time and the noise has to be kept down.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom rapeseed field lane for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Accommodation on site

    Most country venues also offer accommodation for the bride and groom and members of the wedding party. Of course, you get this option if you use a hotel in an urban area, but if you opt instead to hold your wedding reception at a hall, you will have to travel to the hotel to get changed.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom lakeside for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    First class service

     Most country venues only do weddings. This means that their staff are not stretched trying to look after the needs of hotel guests as well as take care of the wedding party. This means that you always get their full attention and, as a result, flawless service.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom holding hands strolling for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Fantastic photo opportunities

     The countryside provides a fantastic backdrop for your wedding photos.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom tractor sheep for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

     Charming but contemporary venues

     A great example of a location that ticks all of the boxes is Heaton House, a lovely wedding venue in Cheshire. This venue has several buildings that are licensed for weddings. Each one has its own character. There is an oak beamed entrance barn, which is popular with smaller wedding groups.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom sunset heaton house farm for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    The other big barn is divided into two areas. One area is finished as an ivory marquee that can be colour washed, with lighting, to provide a unique backdrop for each wedding. The other half can be transformed into a romantic twinkly night sky venue.  In addition, there are two areas set aside for those who want to get married in a pergola or garden setting including a waterside setting.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue heaton house farm moodlighting christmas wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Most country venues offer a range of settings. They are perfect for letting you stage your wedding in the way you want.

    Tented Wedding Venue – Marquees, Tents, Pagodas and Beyond

    tented wedding venue marquee decor for love me love my wedding

    When people think about weddings, they often conjure up images of churches, hotels and registry offices. However, the fact is weddings are changing and couples are now looking for more innovative and unusual venues for their big days. Today we are looking at tented venues or temporary structures, from the conventional to the downright exotic.

    The advantage of this type of venue is that they are more portable-so if you have a large garden you could have your wedding there, you could pitch up in a farmer’s field (with permission of course), or even the grounds of a country manor or hotel.

    Just remember there are a few things to consider.

    Toilets: – I’ve been to marquee weddings where there have been NO toilets in the marquee and guests have had to traipse through a windswept filed to spend a penny-Not ideal.

    Power: you’ll need to consider generators to bring electricity to your venue. Candlelight may be very romantic but you need electricity for lighting, a sound system and heating or air conditioning.

    Catering: The chances are you’ll need outside caterers.This a great way to create a menu that suits you perfectly.Make sure you take advantage of food tastings. A great way to sample the menus and you can never say no to free food!

    Bar: If you need to organise a bar, make sure the alcohol is included. I was once at a wedding where the groom and both dads were frantically buying up all alcohol and mixers from every little shop in a remote Cornish village, 3 hours before the wedding, because they thought alcohol was included in the cost of the bar hire.

    So now over to our favourite tented wedding venue ideas…..

    1. Yurts

    If you’ve not seen one before, a yurt is a portable, round structure with a dome roof. These distinctive creations are increasingly being used as holiday accommodation and as venues for celebrations. There’s something rustic and charming about their look, and they can be ideal for weddings in the countryside.

    tented wedding venue yurt wedding for love me love my wedding

    It’s worth noting that unlike many other potential venues, yurts tend to be on the small side, so if you’re planning a huge party, they might not be right for you. However, for smaller, more intimate weddings, they can be ideal. One thing’s for sure, by holding your big day in a yurt, you’ll make an impression on your guests!

    2. Marquees

    Marquees may be nothing new in themselves, but these days there are lots of different – and in some cases outlandish – versions to choose from. These structures come in all shapes and sizes. Most are white, but many have clear panels and some are entirely transparent.

    tented wedding venue bedoin wedding decor for love me love my wedding

    By playing around with different lighting effects, furnishings and accessories, you can create some truly stunning effects in marquees. For example, perhaps you’ll choose to wow your guests with a glittery, Hollywood theme, or maybe something less formal and more playful like a fairy tale would suit you better.

    tented wedding venue marquee wedding fairy lights for love me love my wedding

    3. Big top

    If you really want to cause a stir on your big day, why not hire a ‘big top’ tent. These colourful creations are guaranteed to put people in the party mood. Big tops are available in a range of different sizes and, for the full effect, you could line up some circus-style entertainers. Jugglers and tightrope walkers will certainly make an unusual backdrop for your celebration!

    tented wedding venue big top wedding for love me love my wedding

    You could even provide your guests with edible circus-related treats, such as hotdogs, ice cream and popcorn.

    Read more

    Advantages of Having your Engagement Ring Custom Made

    No matter what, every couple’s relationship stems from a different place and is entirely unique. Therefore, your engagement ring and even your wedding set shouldn’t necessarily match thousands of other couples. Maybe you want to include coloured gemstones with diamonds or a different metal or band style. A qualified jeweller can work with you to make your custom ring a show stopper and conversation topic for many family events.

    Advantages of having Your Engagement Ring Custom Made:

    Before you jump in to the design of your new custom engagement ring, make sure you research the best jewellers with extensive collections of handmade diamonds engagement rings Melbourne. You’ll have access to some ideas but also have creative involvement in designing your ring so come prepared with some sketches or drawings. As you begin the process of designing your custom ring, you’ll see the many benefits of it:


    Eases the stress of ring shopping because in recent years it’s become even more overwhelming for men to get the “right” one. This is partly because she’ll be keeping and wearing it forever, and partly to secure her social status. By buying a custom ring, you’re already showing how committed you are to the relationship because you have ideas inspired by her.

    Allows you to be an active part of the consultation and design process. Most reputable jewellers, specializing in custom diamond rings, set up personalized appointments for you to view a few of their designs and see what you might want to modify or discuss your own ideas for the ring.

    Many couples like to celebrate their engagement by picking out and designing the ring together. This lets them mark the romantic occasion with a unique ring to their story. It gives them a part of the wedding planning process to really connect over that other couples may not. You may want to even capture the occasion of camera for your wedding scrapbook.


    Tips for Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

    Choose a reputable jeweller, specializing in custom handmade engagement rings. Choose a jeweller based off of positive referrals and verify that the high-quality diamonds have been certified.

    Check their current designs to get an idea of their tastes and see if you would like to combine specifications of a few different rings, such as a white gold band from one and a sparkling blue sapphire centre stone with two brilliant cut diamonds next to it. 

    Sketch out your idea if you can or jot down notes if you like a specific metal, combination of coloured stones with diamonds, or font for engraving. This will help the jeweller as he prepares the completed design of your ring.

    Take the time during your initial consultations for your fiancé to try on different ring settings and get the feel of them so you know if she prefers classic pieces or more contemporary ones. Does she like 3-stone rings or the more modern halo setting?art-deco-engagement-ring-limited-rings

    Start early. Custom engagement rings may take several months, including collaborating over the design process to actually hand-crafting the ring.


    Negotiate with the jewellers about pricing if you buy your custom made wedding ring set there as well. If you’re planning to invest in a handmade engagement ring, you may want a complementary wedding band for her, and it’s beneficial to have the same jeweller hand-craft it as they’ll already know your sense of style.


    Custom engagement rings and wedding ring sets are ideal for couples who want to share their love in a unique way. Wouldn’t you want a one-of-a-kind that you’ll love forever and spend the same amount of money on, instead of a ring that so many other people have too.

    Ninth Events Fantasy Wedding – Wedding Planning

    We’ve had a bit of a gap since our last fantasy wedding instalment but we’re back with a beauty from luxury wedding and event planners Ninth Events. Specialising in events in Manchester and London Lucy has 10 years worth of wedding experience to draw on. So over to Ninth Events to share their ultimate wedding.

    Ninth Events Fantasy Wedding

    Now after being a wedding planner for almost 10 years, this is like answering the 60 million dollar question!!  Over the years I’ve created so many perfect days for my clients that have meant something special to them all. I take a very professional, but warming approach to each and every one, because I am only human after all. 

    So to really answer this question properly, I have to try and bring it all back to my own personality and not get over influenced with what my clients have chosen, the latest trends and what’s hot right now!

     So, what would I want?  I’ve seen quite a few venues in my time and as lovely as they all have been, I think a simple sandy beach would do it for me in Bali or somewhere of the sorts, at sunset, in bare feet.

      Ninth Events Fantasy wedding bali beach wedding for love me love my wedding

    A gorgeous delicate lace dress, fitted to show off my curves, with shoe string straps, plunging back and slightly trailing on the sand would be my dream gown.  Simple in a ‘beach’ way, but stunning in a ‘this is my wedding’ way!  My man would be waiting in loose linen trousers and a crisp white shirt (in a non-Miami Vice way if he can help it!), stood on the edge of the sand with the waves gently lapping with the tide.  My hair would be wavy and tousled loose with a simple white flower tucked behind my ear. 

      Ninth Events Fantasy wedding low back lace mermaid wedding gown for love me love my wedding Ninth Events Fantasy wedding touseld loose wedding hair for love me love my wedding

    In my mind I just see me and my man, with my son and daughter by our sides, but equally I would love our families and true friends to be there.  So, on simple lime wash chiavari chairs they would be sat in curves behind us whilst we shared our vows and the only floral touch would be the white petals on the sand, trailing down the aisle.

      Ninth Events Fantasy wedding chiviari chairs wedding ceremony for love me love my wedding

    Once we did the important part, we would just want to kick back, chill out with some Champagne and eat some delicious food.  Italian would be my preference, 10 courses over 3 hours, little and often and each dish irresistible in their own right.  No speeches, we would all know why we’re there and why we just got married…nothing else to be said.  Just lots of food, drink, laughter and happiness.

      Ninth Events Fantasy wedding italian wedding food for love me love my wedding

    Then back to the beach after dinner for the ultimate beach party!  Music is a massive part of our lives, so loads of 80’s-90’s, motown, funk, soul and a special homage to MJ would be our guilty pleasure!  Fire pits and tiki torches would make the beach glow, with the stars in the night sky twinkling above our heads, no starcloth needed here as we’d have the real thing!  It would all be planned to perfection of course and would be so seamless and relaxed that you wouldn’t even know any planning was involved.  At the end of the day me, my husband and all of the special people with us would feel like they’ve just had the best holiday of their lives, all in one day.

      Ninth Events Fantasy wedding fire pit beach wedding for love me love my wedding

    Ahhhhhh, feel all floaty now and I find myself day dreaming…

     So there you go, mostly unconventional and against the norm, but I know I’m going for a fantasy day that would be different for me and unlike the events I plan for a living.


    Unusual Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

    unusual ways to display your wedding photos bride groom church for love me love my wedding

    So you’ve decided you are just getting your wedding images on a disc.You don’t want a formal wedding album that you think will just gather dust up in the loft, so what will you do with that disc? Are you going to leave it neglected in a drawer or are you planning on getting creative and displaying your

    Well today I have a few ideas on how you can use those digital images, so that they are not just left languishing on your laptop.

    Unusual Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

    Thankyou cards

    The most obvious way to utilise your favourite wedding image. It’s a lovely way of thanking your guests for their part in your big day using an image that is special to you.

    unusual ways to display your wedding photos bride groom laughing for love me love my wedding

    Read more

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